polymer clay and acrylic paint instructable

Recently after looking at a few pages on deviant art i have really gotten interested in polymer clay and acrylic paint, i would like to try and make a few charms based off of items in anime, games and what not but all the tutorials i have read online don't really help me without pictures, and i though that if anyone uses polymer clay and acrylic and is apart of the instructables community would they kindly make an instructable on it. I know an instructable on using polymer clay would be good for the community seeing as how i couldn't find on on here already and i would apreciate it greatly

Or cast them in metal, since 'ibles has plenty on that score...
caitlinsdad9 years ago
I made my PEZbot out of the newest air-hardening no-bake polymer clay found at a craft store. You need to experiment with it to find out how not to shape it too thick because when it dries, it does shrink and crack a little. You can then patch it with more clay but even if you use the same custom color mix from the batch before, the colors dry a little differently. You need to work with it a bit faster so that it doesn't dry out, especially when forming small pieces and rolling it in your hand. I haven't tried to keep a damp towel around to see if that helps. I found it hard to attach layers so maybe the trick is to wet it a little as glue in areas where you don't wnat to blend in the clay. I guess you can experiment with different tools to carve the details. No need to buy anything, just use a pen cap or toothpick or any object to press in details or textures. Practice using regular clay. Don't be afraid to imbed objects or use wire(coathangers) as the skeleton or anything else to save on bulking up with clay. Have fun!