problem making camera tazer

hi everybody, i just don't understand how you make it , i have few questions. - what do i have to do with the flash - and what do i have to do i have to do with the capacitor. you have to place a switch for an after the capacitor, how can it charge if there is a switch between

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alex4421 (author) 10 years ago
i am going to install the capacitor , so that i have the option to choose what methode i use. i can always discharge it everytime
alex4421 (author) 10 years ago
would the led still turn on without the capacitor
alex4421 (author) 10 years ago
so , i remove the capacitor from the camera en put it away, then i put a switch on each wire that leads to the fingertipsand i would be able to get sparks untill my battery is down.
alex4421 (author) 10 years ago
hi, tody i only made the housing , because i broke apiece of of the camera chipping baord.
alex4421 (author) 10 years ago
yess i did but in every tazer i can t find my solution, if de drawing woul work , then its ok for me, i just going to use the finger tip methode. becose aan the flash there are 3 wires, each side of the flash and one in the middle that touches the casing of the flash. if i connect the two wires of from each side of the flash , to each one finger and then use the method of switche and stuff from the drawing would it work
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gmoon alex442110 years ago
The idea with all the switches is a safety. You have no safety here, just a power switch and a charge switch (actually, you have a safety on the charge circuit, but since it only take a couple of seconds to charge the cap, you don't need the flip.)

With two switches on the 'shock' circuit, you have a fail-safe (flip switch) and a 'active' (push button) that you press only when you're about to apply the shock. The flip switch prevents you from shocking yourself if you accidentally press the 'active' button. You can turn off the flip and the cap remains good-to-go (although there will be a bleed resistor on the board, which slowly drains the cap.)

With your wiring, you'd need to turn off the power AND discharge the cap before you could use your hand for anything else....
MrPopkins10 years ago
Have you searched this site for "tazer"? L
alex4421 (author) 10 years ago
i had come up with another and easy solution.
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gmoon10 years ago
In that diagram, you couldn't charge it unless all three switches were closed. Once charged, the top two switches will activate the fingertips. You'll probably want to move at least one switch. But how you wire it will depend on what form of 'safety' you want--one that prevents charging, or just redundancy on the 'shock' side of the circuit. High voltage can be dangerous! Try this on yourself before shocking an innocent. ;-)