should i make an instructable on how to make a electric potters wheel? and possibly a kiln

should i post an instructable on how to make an electric potters wheel?(and possibly a kiln) I am reluctant because there are no that many artists(that i have noticed)on this site, let alone potters. plus a kiln and potters wheel are EXTREMELY expensive to buy.(i use the schools kiln and pottery wheel, i clean all the wheels and floor and stuff and i recycle the clay i pick up and they let me use the wheel sand kiln with the clay i pick up because i am not enrolled in the ceramics class) the methods that i have in mind will cost possibly less that 150 dollars US. compared to +5 thousand dollars. also, i will be using my phones 1.3 mega pixel camera to be taking the pictures(unless i have enough money to buy a DSLR, i haven't checked my bank account in several months) if you would rather have me wait until i buy a better camera, or if you would rather have me not post please speak up. it will take atleast 10 people in favor for me to do it

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I think you have your ten requests. Now it's time to get cracking. I can hardly wait.
lol ive started a long time ago, im just in search for my motor... im guessing a cordless drill motor would not work because its more speed orientated as opposed to torque orientated?
torque, ideally a good wheel NEEDS to technically handle 200 pounds
okay so i did bypass reading half the postings, but id like to throw in my two cents. i DID attempt to build a wheel and i would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those meddling kids! well okay all i used was wood for the framework and one piece basin that i then caulked it and used polyurethane to waterproof it and make a smooth surface. then i was faced with an obstical that i couldn't pass, variable speed. the answers that kept coming up involved a dc motor with a variable speed control foot peddle so i gave up ... and just bought a wheel
Please make an instructable for both the wheel and the kiln. I for one would be definitely interested in downloading it.

One of the other comments mentions Kiteman's laws ( ta Weissensteinburg ), especially check out his zeroth law!
gmacmoto7 years ago
I would LOVE it if you would post a 'how to make a kiln' instructable -- raku especially, but any kind would be good. Many thanks in advance.
52ace7 years ago
I would be very interested in making a kiln as well as the wheel, so please let us know all.
thank you!
I'd be very interested in the Potters Wheel!
 Oh the kiln, are you thinking electric or otherwise? I would love one that I could fire pottery in, but I can't really afford to be firing my glass kiln and a second one, unless it was maybe off propane or wood.  Ok, maybe the wood one is a bit antiquated unless you live out here in the southwest, but I would love to see one if you make it! 
shortguyart8 years ago
howdy everyone. I made a wheel from an old washing machine,and it works pretty well. simple really. disassemble the washer and you will find a square panel,with a pretty hefty bearing ,motor mt etc.cut down the outer tub to about 5 in and roll the edge over. mount an old record player table on the part of the shaft that sticks thru and your in business.using the outer tub give you a drain for clean up and this is pretty handy.turn the thing over and make up a square frame to fit the square panel,and about 18 in high,or higher til you can work in comfort. take a pice of 1/4x4 x the size of your frame.the shaft is1in or at least the one I found was, extend the shaft from the bearing end and place a flange bearing directly underneath and dead center[this mod will give you more stability at speed. wire the motor to a foot control and away you go. using the brushes in the motor as a brake causes some wear,but they are reaitivly cheap,and last about a year.anyway this whole project cost me about $20. food for thought anyway--------see ya-------------shortguy
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