stuff that's usually in your pockets

what do you carry in your pockets all the time? for me its my wallet, permanent marker, thumb drives, ipod, phone, rubber bands, keys, scissors, paperclips, the metal things in the middle of floppy disks, mini torch and (sometimes) a deck of cards.

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kelseymh8 years ago
Ah, precious...what does he have in his pocketses?
He stole it from us!
Ok Gollum
cellphone, lighter, cigarettes and coins. I like to make my pockets less busy.
klwilkes4 years ago
cellphone , padlock, earphones, change, dollar bill or two, driver's license, 2 cards,
keys, fob for work key, hair ties, braces , glasses, tissue, dental floss, aspirin,
pen, that's all folks.
forgot small flashlight and Epi- pen usually. also sunglasses. coat has lotsa pockets, bought coat for 19.00 it carries more than any backpack or other bag. k
Front Right: Wallet
Front left: Iphone with headphones
Rear left: comb and harmonica

Jacket inner pockets
Left breast: Flask filled with either peppermint schnapps or cinnamon whiskey and Cross Pen
Right breast: Altoids tin filled with basic first aid
Small pocket under breast: condom and small tin filled with actual mints
Lucky7x74 years ago
knife clipped in right front pocket, wallet right rear,nothing left rear, phone left front pocket, keys on belt loop.
Thrasym4 years ago
Wow, you people carry lots of stuff in your pockets on a regular basis.

I've got a wallet, keys, cell phone, zero tolerance 350 (knife), and a Mongolian coin I've carried around since high school (even I don't understand why at this point). Once in a while I'll have a USB flash drive too. Sometimes I switch out the knife with my leatherman MUT, if I want to be more "survivalist", generally when I'm out and about with my son.
Goodhart8 years ago
Left front pocket: 2 sets of keys (in case I lock one set in the car or house....don't laugh, I have done it way too often not to carry two sets...), and pill bottle for my meds.
Right front pocked: notes for me written when I was away from a computer, my nitro-spray, a pocket knife, a paper clip, a plastic change holder (saves wear on the pocket from change), and a cell phone.

Shirt pocket, contains an eyeglass container that doubles as a pocket protector, a year calendar / notepad / planner, my card to get into work, and a pen.....I always have my pen, even if I DON'T have a pocket :-)
wd4.0 Goodhart6 years ago
good call on the plastic change holder.
Goodhart wd4.06 years ago
Thanks, but now I have upgraded my NOTEPAD to a smaller more voluminous digital voice recorder which is about one inch by one inch by about 4 inches long. Handy little bugger too.
onrust Goodhart4 years ago
That is some busy pockets!
Goodhart onrust4 years ago
Yeah, almost as bad as my wife and the contents of her purse. ;-)
onrust Goodhart4 years ago
Oh no! that can get scary. Hey check out:
Goodhart onrust4 years ago
I can answer here to...... sports bores me to tears (unless I am a participant)
Spare change and my phone.
This is what ends up in my pockets, not what I intentionally start out with: Spare change, especially dimes. Not sure why I end up with so many dimes (as opposed to other denominations); various receipts from gas, groceries, etc.; a Tylenol or ibuprofen tab or two : a list I've made in an attempt to be organized and get things done ( the list is then immediately forgotten about until I am emptying my pockets to do laundry; a Kleenex (usually managing to end up in the laundry despite my pocket-emptying) .
Cyclone17645 years ago
my hands
onrust5 years ago
.....and some keys
ipod touch sometimes...
the potato5 years ago
nothink but random lint
monsterlego6 years ago
Pocket knife, wallet, random legos, a halo magnum, etc.
lets see cell phone ipod hunting knife straped to my thigh lighter an ounce of weed a bowl for that weed and my secretary mary or mabey thats just my hand
the_mad_man (author)  golddigger15596 years ago
ahh i see you pack the some of the essential substance
what have you heard <.< >.>
the_mad_man (author)  golddigger15596 years ago
I don't know, what have I heard?
I carry gaseous compounds consisting of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and maybe some argon with me. Aka. air! Sometimes I carry a small stun baton around in it (I don't know why, something about a sense of insecurity).

Well I usually have my lighter,pocket watch,co2 cartridge and my wallet.

P.S. you have big pockets for all that stuff.
Arano6 years ago
i carry everitime this things around: 2-4 lighters (in case one goes empty), my tobacco filters and papes, a pencil, a ballpen, atleast one piece of paper but in most cases a notepad(size DIN A 6), a few paperclips, pocketknife(same one that the Bundeswehr uses), 4meters of paracord, my wallet containing: 10-30€, change(well lots of it), ID card, drivers license, health insurance card, a key, semesterticket...

sometimes i have this aswell somewhere in my pockets: 1 or 2 small candles, safetygoggles, a few needles and thread....

hmm i somehow think i missed something...
Nothing. I mostly wear home-made clothes and nobody bothers about the existence of such thing as pockets. In the little pocket of my school bag I have a mobile phone, keys, some odd pieces of paper, a wallet, a school travelcard, a small screwdriver, and sewing thread and needle.
Flash drive, phone, wall charger, notebook with random scribblings and code i wrote and keys. Flash drive is almost always in my breast pocket, wall charger is usually in a special compartment of my coat, phone and keys are in my pants pockets and if i have my notebook it is in my breast pocket.
unominame7 years ago
umm....Lint lol
tangjie017 years ago
I also carry lots of things.but mp5 that I will take, because it has many features, with me all the way entertainment.
I brought it from
A rubber band and a paper clip :P
Phone, lighter, keys, wallet, multitool, warded key from the hardware store, a pad of steel wool, my firesteel...
DJ Radio8 years ago
I only carry an mp3 player in my pockets, most stuff I have is too big for em.
Gjdj38 years ago
I normally have.... 1) Wallet 2) Phone 3) iPod 4) Zippo 5) A Pen (Or am I just happy to see you? lol) 6) Gum 7) Student ID 8) and my Knife.
kelseymh8 years ago
Is that dynamite in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?
Gjdj3 kelseymh8 years ago
Hahaha, I can't believe there haven't been more comments like that all over this topic.
Lol im random, but here goes: harmonica which im learning to play, laser pointer(crazy mad fun), my flash drive that doesnt have plastic and i need to put a new casing on, my phone, and lint!
a monkey and a bazooka
the_mad_man (author)  golddigger15598 years ago
monkey in the bazooka or just a monkey and a bazooka?
okoshima8 years ago
keys, utilikey, gerber clutch, gerber tempo, swisscard, thumbdrive, phone and lighter. everything i could need
Umm lets see... Pens, phone, wallet, zippo, other lighter, change, cigarettes, lint, tiny padlock?, there's an S-biner on my belt loops for carrying bags comfortably (get more in to a shopping bag), bottle opener on belt, headphones for phone, multitool of some kind or swisskey, keys. In the wallet (needs a damn good empty out): More money, tech ID, bank cards, calendar, business cards I've been given, Gym card (Not even a member anymore), handcuff key, hair pin, safety pins, a few paper clips, matchbook, skins, a few receipts, bus fare in separate bit for times of woe and a pack of gum.
skins? you need to give that crap up before it gets you into trouble
yourcat8 years ago
Bad flashlight, good tweezers, and a $10 watch that the band fell off of years ago.
tarzioo8 years ago
iphone, an abnormal amount of change, and my ear buds x_X
Yellow848 years ago
Wallet, phone, ear buds, and RER tickets.
CameronSS8 years ago
All the time: keys and coins in the left pocket; mechanical pencil, pen, eraser, and folding pliers (no blade, so school-safe) in the right pocket; wallet in he back pocket. Anytime I'm not at school, or at school in the evening to work in the theater, I add my little Leatherman Squirt S4 to the right pocket...handiest little tool I've ever had.
Marche8 years ago
Hmm... In my pockets I have my phone, flash drive, zune, wallet containing ID and such, keys, earbuds and pen. In my bag that is pretty much sewn to my shoulder contains my laptop, laptop charger, blank dvds, all sorts of cables (I end up fixing most computer problems at my school, the IT treats me like a colleague), some books, my packet sniffing jack for diagnosing network problems and some extra stuff. Yeah, I'm a tech kind of guy.
the_mad_man (author)  Marche8 years ago
I never would of guessed that you were a tech guy
xACIDITYx8 years ago
Cell phone, money, Chapstick, 4GB flash drive, and a pack of gun.
a pack of gun.
That sounds dangerous...
dark sponge8 years ago
A phone... And maybe an iPod.
Whenever i leave the house, I pat myself down for the following things: Left pocket: Phone Right pocket: Keys Back pocket: Wallet And depending on where I am, I may have a pencil/pen in my pocket, as well.
Did anyone else see this?
or this ?

pack of gun
Yes. I noticed that aweful mistake I made.
Apparently it wasn't loading so i pushed post comment again. No big deal.
chiok8 years ago
I always like to be prepared and carry things just in case, but I dislike carrying things in my pockets as it inhibits jumping or running without things falling out and being crushed. So I carry a drawstring bag that holds everything from multi-tool, deodorant, cards, tape, pens, zip ties, mini-medkit etc. And then there's all the stuff attached to my wallet and keys... You never know when you'll be placed in a MacGyver situation.
8bit chiok8 years ago
What do you do with the bag if you suddenly have to start running and jumping and such?
chiok 8bit8 years ago
Well, I can hitch up the bag by tightening the drawstrings so it sits more securely, or put my jacket on over the bag, but that doesn't help with the possibility of a breakfall. In which case the bag goes first and I follow. Or I'm wearing things where the pockets have zips and there are no problems with things falling out.
8bit chiok8 years ago
So you keep the bag on your belt?
chiok 8bit8 years ago
No no, the bag is still on my back, but tying up the drawstrings means it sits more securely around the shoulders and doesn't jiggle around like a sack full of balls. Though I have considered a short of belt arrangment that Travis Touchdown has in "No More Heroes". Sort of a more fashionable Batman Utility Belt.
8bit8 years ago
I usually wear shorts, not jeans. I live in Texas. It doesn't get much colder than comfortable around here. Usually just keys if anything. Much else inhibits movement or falls out.
thefonz1018 years ago
small swiss army knife, sometimes a leatherman Kick, a pen, a mechanical pencil, 2 flashdrives, wallet, cellphone.
and a couple of rubber bands.
Pocket lint.
Yes that's it.
ChrysN8 years ago
Lipstick, occasionally a note to do/buy/bring something, everything else I keep in my purse.
my phone, car keys with leatherman micra, chapstick/lip gloss, ipod... those are the essentials, my purse has more.. but if I go anywhere without my purse, the aforementioned items are with me! :)
I always carry a Flip camera, wallet, USB cable for my watch/ flash drive, and my car keys. The contents of my wallet include: money, driver's license, health insurance card, CPR card, library card, a bunch of business cards, Robot stickers, ticket stubs to every movie I've been to since I bought the wallet, receipts, a folded sticky note covered with notes (people's email, etc.), a penny that fell on my head during a loop-de-loop of a roller coaster, and my student ID.
My friend once threw a penny off a roller coaster... But not when it was moving.
LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
Phone, keys, wallet, pen, matches (in wallet), a few knives
the_mad_man (author)  LinuxH4x0r8 years ago
a few knives? how many do you need?
Usually a locking knife, my leatherman and a pocketknife on my keys
NachoMahma8 years ago
. When at home - nothing. . When away - lighter, car keys, wallet, and checkbook. I carry the checkbook out of habit as the only checks I write nowadays are for my property taxes. Usually have a few bucks (most often less than $10, sometimes zero) in the wallet, but seldom carry change around.
zieak8 years ago
My Treo and a wallet. Keys sometimes but usually in a jacket pocket, on a shelf by the front door or on my office desk. Money is almost never in my pocket (or wallet). On occasion a leatherman.
skunkbait8 years ago
Keys, wallet, pocketknife, pistol (in jacket pocket), $2-$20 in bills, 75 cents in change, and cellphone.
Oh, yeah. I forgot. Lint!
kelseymh8 years ago
Only my cell phone (set on vibrate). Everything else goes in my purse.
Kiteman8 years ago
Keys, wallet, leatherman, phone. I also usually try and have my camera at least vaguely handy.
110100101108 years ago
hair pins - the ones made of black steel strip bent into a long U pokeballs screw driver (electrical tester) sometimes - capacitive electrical tester small led flashlight with powerfull and long lasting battery mp4 player (for the camera thats in it) sometimes - few gigs in micro sd cards + compact usb reader key eventually i try the usability of other stuff like piece of pcb and the metal slide from floppy disk
Epeoples8 years ago
I usually don't weasr jeans, so, no pockets.
Sunbanks8 years ago
When I leave the house I usually have my phone, a house key, chapstick, and money that I grab from the little box on the floor of my bedroom. When I'm at home I mostly just have my phone.
Whenever i leave the house, I pay myself down for the following things: Left pocket: Phone Right pocket: Keys Back pocket: Wallet And depending on where I am, I may have a pencil/pen in my pocket, as well.
whatsisface8 years ago
I just carry my phone, keys, lighter and wallet at all times, my ipod lives in my jacket and anything else I need gets thrown in a bag.
Oh, and I think it's worth mentioning, I carry a table of common constatnts around in my wallet. You never know when you'll need to know the rest mass of an electron!
*chuckle* In my wallet I have a table for calculating tips for waiters/waitresses, even though I can figure them in my head.
bumpus8 years ago
Right Pocket: Cell phone, pen, knife, lighter, a washer, spare change. Left Pocket: Hall pass(s) (for school), Car keys on a lanyard. Back Right Pocket: Wallet Wallet: Moniez, spare house key, bank card, license, photos, matchbook, gift cards, basketball schedule. I win. :D