what paintball gun do you have

what paintball gun do you have?

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aaronk208 months ago
AntonP511 months ago

got it for 5$ have no clue what gun it is it had an led screen and two buttons on the handle as well a a psi measurerer PLEASE HELP

nickg61 year ago

what gun is this? i am pretty sure it is a gog extcy.

judith111 year ago

i have Tippmann Gryphon Paintball gun and it's match with beginner paintballer like me


if you can help me out my email is, spike_hill23@yahoo.com feel free to write me

If you are knowledgeable when it comes to paintball guns. If really appreciate it.

I have acquired a paintball gun but I am not sure what type or who makes that gun? Any one willing to help?

paintballuk3 years ago
Hi, at the moment its not possible to walk into a shop and buy a paintball gun, the rules on firearms and paintball guns are very unclear. you can buy paintball guns second hand in ireland or from the uk, i highly recommend this a its much cheaper. pm me if you want more info on what i would recommend as a beginner.
Bnb19983 years ago
I need some help finding out which paintball gun I own. I can send pictures because I can't add from a mobile phone. I think it's a dye proto matrix 5. Email me at bryantbroyles@gmail.com if you want to give it a shot at finding out which one. Thanks, Bryant
nerfer192 (author) 8 years ago
i got a 98
Does EVERYBODY have a 98??!!!??
receiver5458 years ago
i have a Smart Parts ion Xe w/ virtue board, i use a halo b35 hopper on it. also i have a PMI Piranha w/ e-grip, i have an Empire aggitated feed hopper. and my Scenerio/ woodsball gun i have is a - Tippmann A-5 RT stealth kit. and a Smart Parts SP-1
I heard the Ion is supposed to be really good.
skunkbait7 years ago
I've got an old "Bruizer", it's a Spider clone.
You mean Brawler?
ry259208 years ago
Viewloader Lancer. Best gun I've ever bought. It fires just as well as my brother's 98 custom and costs $20 used and refurbished.
I got one. It's pretty good, mechanically. I've taken it apart for maintainance and it's really easy. I really haven't gotten to shoot it yet, but I heard it fires like any other paintball gun, if not better than some guns like the 98. It also has a higher bps than the 98. I sometimes think buying a new Tippmann 98 is a rip off. Hmm...A Viewloader Lancer (under $50) vs. a Tippmann 98 (over $100)...and the Lancer is more ergonomic, just as durable and shoots just as good...
CapnTac ry259207 years ago
Where could one acquire said gun?
not to advertise, but I'm sellin one on eBay right now. If you want the link, it's right here.

ry25920 CapnTac7 years ago
Skanline used to carry them but I think K-mart sells them new for $30.
junits155 years ago
spyder pilot 09, with CP barrel, and sound modded viewloader force
wildar976 years ago
i have a tippmann 98 custom with electronic feedr
Molybdenum7 years ago
Pirahnah GTI with -E-Grip -Galaxy v 2 piece barrel(not great) -VL Force Modded to a pressure switch(not great either) -digi fade paintjob Spyder Esprit -with E-Grip -whisper barrel -various custom body kits, including the one and only Super Soaker Spyder I've had these guns for about 5 years now and they function just fine for how much I play. I'm planning on buying the cheapest spyder or clone just to use as a project gun.
Model 98, 8.5" Standard Barrel, Viewloader Revolution Hopper
I dont have any and Im glad.
nerfer192 (author)  Knex_Gun_Builder8 years ago
why paintball guns are awesome
xACIDITYx8 years ago
Spyder Victor...
I have a Tippmann A5 with a tactical flatline or a 18 inch sniper barrel and a sight relief stock(has a depression for your mask so you can use the iron sights). i'm looking to buy an ACOG scope and a G36c folding stock.
nerfer192 (author)  HazzardFan758 years ago
holy crap i want an acog for my paintball gun
potofgold8 years ago
98 custom. getting some mods thoguh like a stock and stuff
never ever buy a spyder
i have a similar form here it has videos and some tips on choosing a gun