what paintball gun do you have

what paintball gun do you have?

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zackfish4 months ago

what type of JT marker is this it's not electrical

aaronk201 year ago
AntonP51 year ago

got it for 5$ have no clue what gun it is it had an led screen and two buttons on the handle as well a a psi measurerer PLEASE HELP

nickg61 year ago

what gun is this? i am pretty sure it is a gog extcy.

judith112 years ago

i have Tippmann Gryphon Paintball gun and it's match with beginner paintballer like me


if you can help me out my email is, spike_hill23@yahoo.com feel free to write me

If you are knowledgeable when it comes to paintball guns. If really appreciate it.

I have acquired a paintball gun but I am not sure what type or who makes that gun? Any one willing to help?

paintballuk3 years ago
Hi, at the moment its not possible to walk into a shop and buy a paintball gun, the rules on firearms and paintball guns are very unclear. you can buy paintball guns second hand in ireland or from the uk, i highly recommend this a its much cheaper. pm me if you want more info on what i would recommend as a beginner.
Bnb19983 years ago
I need some help finding out which paintball gun I own. I can send pictures because I can't add from a mobile phone. I think it's a dye proto matrix 5. Email me at bryantbroyles@gmail.com if you want to give it a shot at finding out which one. Thanks, Bryant
nerfer192 (author) 8 years ago
i got a 98
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