This is a mini pad and kit for sanding.
It's easy to do and it work pretty well.

Step 1: YOU NEED

What you need:
-an empty candy box;
-bike inner tube;
-different n° of sanding paper;
I think it's kinda dumb that everyone uses Altoona cans for everything. Just use a scrap 2x4.
<p>You can use any kinda of tin can, anyways is handy because you flip the sanding paper in the can, and you don't have to glue it on a scrap 2x4, or hold it with you hand. I don't know if you get it, but that was the all point of it!</p>
<p>I get it. not saying your idea wasn't good. I think this is very clever especially the way you can quickly change out the paper. I just mean the way people make survival tins and use these cans for things just to get publicity for using an altoids tin. yours has a purpose and I get it. didn't mean to dis your ible. </p>
Clever! Nice trick. Will use this no doubt.
<p>Cool! Thanks!</p>
This is awesome thank you sooo much
<p>You are welcome!</p>
This resolved my question. Some how I missed this part. Thanks
This is genius!
: )
very effective solution!
Thanks! <br>(ho anche provato a fare le foto un po' meno scure...)
:-D that's true!! well done!
Simple but brilliant idea
Thanks! <br>( I like the mountain in your profile picture)
Great idea
love it!
This is such a good idea. I've got all these tiny pieces of sandpaper that won't slot into my normal sanding block and now I know what to do with them. :D
Thats nice! <br>Thanks

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