Here is how to make a working Green Lantern power battery (Hal Jordan's version) for around US$20.  My son (5) has decided that the Green Lantern (especially Hal Jordan) is the coolest superhero ever, so for Christmas 2009 he will be getting Hal's Green Lantern power battery (the flower pot edition).  The Green Lantern (Hal) comics seem to have a variety of different looking power batteries depending on year and artist, so this is an attempt for the middle ground.

If you would like a more modern power battery, see related instructable - How to Make a Green Lantern Power Battery (2011)

Step 1: Materials

You will need...

4 x Plastic flower pots (for the cones top, bottom and sides)
2 x Plastic flower pot trays (to enclose and lengthen the top and bottom cones)
1 x Christmas decoration/bauble - 8" for full size (the lantern's center)
1 x Camping LED lantern (to make it glow)
2 x Green plastic lids (for the lantern's 'glass/lens') * see below for substitutions
2 x Bike grip plugs (for the handle fixtures) * see below for substitutions
1 x Paint pail handle
1 x Sheet of rubber foam (for the Green Lantern symbol on the top)
2 x Bolts and nuts (for having access to the batteries etc)
Liquid nails (or suitable glue)
Forest Green (Metal Hammer) spray paint
Duct tape (always handy, especially to hold glue while it sets)
Sand paper
Drill (with hole saw bit)
Scissors and craft knife

Substitution ideas

* Green Plastic Lids (for the lantern glass):  If you don't have suitable lids for the lantern lens, look out for cheap drink bottles that you can cut the bottoms off, otherwise any round piece of green plastic should do.

* Bike Grip plastic plugs (for the handle fixtures):  I just replaced my wife's bike handle grips and so used the ends of her old ones, but I thought of using the middle bit of a cd spindle lid or perhaps even soda bottle lids.
Cool I like it
<p>Thanks Xman</p>
<p>this is genius!! and also so simple</p>
Thanks but genius is more like Golden Snitch Earrings or Ragnarok the Crona's Sword! Love your instructables especially the use of cold porcelain.
Thank you so much I was thinking I could do the same thing but for the blue or orange power battery but I will probably skip the light part and I was thinking I could use my old soccer ball and cover it in orange leather or cloth but if that doesn't work I'll come up with something to work with what I have at home.
<p>Sounds great - although I think I'd lean towards hope more than avarice :) If you do build something post a picture :) </p>
I made one using a Brooklyn lantern thanks for the idea. this is how it looks with the lens removed.
thank you so very much for this instructable...Will finish it up sometime this week...May make a bat signal next weekend.
Hey looking nice! Thanks for posting your photos. All the best for your bat signal!
Hello ! Following this tutorial, my best friend made a lantern that light up too^^ Great success! I ask him to do an orange one for 2012...
Wow, thanks for sharing the pictures! :)
Found your make and it allowed me to get this done in time for &quot;Trick or Treating&quot; for my last minute Green Lantern kid (6 yr.old). The best part was <strong>&quot;my daddy made it for me&quot;</strong> every time someone who recognized what it was asked where he got it. Thanks alot!
What a great job! In time for Halloween too!! Thanks so much for sharing your photo - so glad you found the 'ible useful!!
Here is my version based on your design. I deviated slightly, using a 6&quot; bauble. For the lenses I used 2 clear acrylic hemispheres, which I painted with transparent glass paint. The paint ended up being TOO transparent, so I hit it with a coat of Frost Glass paint. That worked fairly well. Also, the lantern I used had a bottom battery compartment, so I cut a whole in the base cone bottom so you can access the battery door without taking the base of the lantern off.<br><br>Thanks again for the instructions! <br>.
Wow! Really impressed by your make, thanks so much for sharing your pictures!
This is my adaption of your instructable. I just wanted to say thank you for your instructable and that it served me very well as I gave my adaption as a gift :)
Oh very professional! Great job, thanks so much for posting the pictures!
What size is the Christmas decoration you used? I'm thinking it can't be the standard 3&quot; or 4&quot; colored bulbs? BTW, great job! Thank you for posting this.
Thanks so much! I did use a 4&quot;, but if you are looking for an 8&quot; one (sometimes they are tricky to track down), you could have a look <a href="http://www.themedecor.com/catalog.jsp?catId=129">here</a>.<br> I hope it all goes well. If you do make one, please consider posting a picture here :) Thanks again.
Terrifice work! So simple... and even better than the toy!
Thanks hgilroy!
Can anyone recommend a LED lantern to use?
Any camping LED lantern should be great... if the lantern comes with a diffusing lens, this would help to provide a uniform light...
I plan on making one of these but for a Blue Lantern do you have any advice for what all needs to be done to get it right?<br><br>also THANK YOU this is pure awesome
Hey thanks isamy00! Apart from the obvious (use blue instead of green paint) - if I was making another, before painting, I would stick a circular piece of plastic on the top to raise it so that the symbol is flush with the edge (just for a better look). Also, if you can't locate suitable &quot;lenses&quot; for your power battery... I have posted a method of making your own using DVD covers on the <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Make-a-Green-Lantern-Power-Battery-2011/">2011 version of this instructable</a>.<br> <br> I &quot;Hope&quot; your blue lantern is a great success!
Hal Jordan IS the greatest superhero EVER!
I love how adaptable this is. The simple detailsof the instructable allows anyone with another color of the rainbow to make their own with only having to adjust the lantern corps insignia. Love it.
Hey thanks PastTheVoid... have you seen the new look of Hal's power battery (2011 Movie)... might have to make a new instructable :) Thanks again...
If anyone has found something similar to the Nude Food Mover lids in the US, it'd be much appreciated if you could post the links. I'm having a tough time finding something suitable =/
Hi SiPhuYoda... Can't find anything exactly like I used... but there are 2 piece spheres which you could use (half for each lens) <a href="http://www.themedecor.com/catalog.jsp?catId=129">here</a>&nbsp;or have you thought of using the dome lid off a sundae and use something like Vitrea 160 frost glass paint (water-based) by P&eacute;b&eacute;o (maybe Mint 37 - just a thought)... or an old surveillance camera dome again painted with frost glass paint... I'll certainly post links if I find something...
Just to save some people the time looking, you can't buy the &quot;nude food mover&quot; outside of Australia.
Hey Sasq23,<br><br>Sorry haven't had internet for a wee while (currently in Afghanistan). I used a 10cm (4 inch) bauble which is a decent size for children or adults. I know that people wanting to make something like the original have made them using 20 cm (8 inch) centres. Re: the lense... I have looked around for larger lids similar to the one I used and there are examples out there (on US sites)... you might need to search around for a nice green colour though. Hope you can find something... I'll have a look and see if I can post some links to suitable lids/lenses for both 10cm and 20cm centres. I'm a Kiwi and bought the container lids from a warehouse type store, but I've seen similar products from the States (will try to post links).
Sorry, I just found the comment you left naming the green container, my bad. I would still like to know the diameter of the bauble you used though, thanks.
I SO want to make one of these! I have a couple questions if you don't mind.<br> I was wondering if you could tell me what EXACTLY is the container is you get your green lids for the lenses. I can't make out the label. Also, what is the diameter of the Christmas bauble you used? Thanks SO much for posting the link on where to get the baubles, they're really hard to find ANY time of year around here.<br>Again, thanks for your time.
As a GL fan this may be the coolest instructable i have ever seen. I am totally going to do this soon! Where did you get the lens part? out of all the materials i think that will be the toughest for me to find.
I realize this is quite an old post, but if you wanted to, you could make a USB powered one for the current contest, and post another 'ible. Nice work :)
Thanks for the vote of confidence re the USB competition... It would be a cool idea (even if it was a USB mini green lantern power battery)... 2011 movie release... Hmmm... Thanks again
&nbsp;I have recently purchased a set of eight power rings (red,orange,yellow,green,blue,indigo,violet, and black) from amazon , and plan on making a lantern for each ring using this build as a basis for the other colors. Awesome build. GREEN LANTERN FOR EVER!!!!!!!<br /> <br /> <br /> p.s. the lantern/ring set Sheldon had costs almost $400. The lantern lights up when the ring is placed against the front.<br />
Thanks EGT1984, Hope your lantern building goes smoothly :)
Thanks. good staff
I saw this on The Big Bang Theorey and I really wanted one ( not at ALL into superheroes) And its sooo cute
Hey thanks Mr.Pug... the lantern gives out a soft yet bright glow... much like that of Sheldon's in the link below... and quite a bit cheaper to make one :)
No prob, I'll be sure to make one
What about a tiny ping pong ball one?
I'll get workin'
&nbsp;Would make an awesome lamp..
Hey thanks... I think if you didn't place the Green Lantern symbol on the top and sprayed it copper (adding a tarnished look and the like), it might look rather steampunk-ish (maybe if it did something more than glow - perhaps hide a USB hard drive in there somewhere)... by the way... love your animated image/avatar.
so i think this&nbsp;could add as a great source of inspiration<br /> &nbsp;<br /> <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgc1QyTfJaI" rel="nofollow">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tgc1QyTfJaI</a><br />
&nbsp;That's very funny!

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