Wire jewelries are fun to make! Even few months back I didn't think of making jewelries by myself, but now I've become a mad wire jewelry crafter! I was searching online for wire jewelry tutorials and found out so many. The funny thing is, once you start making them you'll come up with tons of ideas automatically! I made ten easy wire pendants in one hour. You can always search the internet for pretty designs.
In this instructable I will show you how to make all of these pendants as simply as possible. I tried to avoid unnecessary details and make the tutorials simple and easy.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Things you'll need to make these pendants:

  1. Craft wire - 16, 18, 22 gauge
  2. Craft pliers,
  3. Different kinds of beads.

<p>So fun and easy!!! I made a few for female family members who helped me plan and pull off my diy wedding. I did them in 20 gauge silver wire. Sorry forgot to take pics...</p>
<p>Thanks so much! I'm glad that the tutorial was helpful ^_^</p>
I love the butterfly pendant I'm defiantly going to make this!
<p>Thanks! post a picture here with the 'I made it' button if you make one :)</p>
What a creative soul you are! Thanks for sharing your projects!
Thank you so much! really, it means a lot :)
Very Well Done! Wire is looking like a lot of fun to me right now...but alas - school, work, love! Prioritize is my new motto! This definitely goes in my Favorites: file for vacation!
Thanks! wire jewelry making is so much fun :) you should give it a try, the best thing about wire jewelry making is that you'll always come up with new designs.
wow! you just made my day! 10 tutorials in 1!!! beautiful, beautiful...
I know huh? How generous &amp; wonderful! Excellent presentation too; very easy to follow! Hope you post more Instructables - I am glad someone has the time now to help me plan for the day...One thing at a time Greeta! Can you tell I have been missing crafting? Yay! Thanks for this Beautiful Collection!!
Ohhww, thank you *Blush* !! I'm sooo glad my crafting addiction turned out to be so helpful. ask any question about crafting without any hesitation, I'm always here (in instructables) to help :) will be posting more, stay tuned!
I'm sooooo happy to know that Yashfa! thank you, thank you...
you are welcome!
All are good but I really liked the first one :) <br>Thanks.
Thanks Tarun! that was my first attempt to make copper wire jewelry :)
Wow! Thats amazing...you must just have an innate talent! I really love them.
And I think you did a great job :)
Very happy to know! you're welcome :)
Thank you so much for this! I'd been wanting to try wire-work for a while, but I always thought it was so intimidating and difficult. And then I found your tutorial. It's perfect. Thank you for the clear instructions about how and where to put the beads - so many books leave that out! - and all the fun designs. I'm buying wire this weekend to try them out! ^^
You're welcome! I'm very happy to know my ible was helpful :) I love making things as simply as possible. I hope you enjoy making these pendants, have a great day!
wow looks like it takes a lot of patience.
Yes, it does, but it's worth it :)
Hey! I voted for you! Very cool, well written and beautifully photographed Instructable. Here's hoping you win :0)
Oh! Thank you sooooo much ! that's so nice of you :)
very very cute!! :)
Thanks annie!
Ooops sorry.Saw it on fashion
It's ok :)
Cute!Love the butterfly.On which contest have you published this?Have a nice weekend.
Thanks Ayesha! I love the butterfly pendant too! Fashion contest.
Ah beautiful and wonderful!...well done
Happy to know you like'em :) thanks shazni!
Those look great, I love the butterfly.
Thank you ChrysN! the butterfly pendant is my fav as well!
So many fun ones! I think I like 5 the best :)
wire jewelry crafting is sooo much fun! I'm glad you like it :)

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