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Wire jewelries are fun to make! Even few months back I didn't think of making jewelries by myself, but now I've become a mad wire jewelry crafter! I was searching online for wire jewelry tutorials and found out so many. The funny thing is, once you start making them you'll come up with tons of ideas automatically! I made ten easy wire pendants in one hour. You can always search the internet for pretty designs.
In this instructable I will show you how to make all of these pendants as simply as possible. I tried to avoid unnecessary details and make the tutorials simple and easy.

Things you'll need to make these pendants:
1) Crafting wire (Copper wire),
2) Pliers,
3) Different kinds of beads,

These are the basic materials, besides you may also need a small round stick to make the loops and jump rings and silver plated crafting wire.

Don't waste time, go make some! 

Step 1: Pendant-1

Picture of Pendant-1
PicMonkey Collage1.jpg
To make this pendant you'll need to make a loop with the wire first.
Form a square shape using the wire and create loops in four corners of the square frame. Use something with a round shape (a small round stick) to make the loops equal. Don't cut the wire after forming the square frame, go around the first loop, creating another loop and reach for the 2nd loop (see picture), then the 3rd, 4th and returning to the first one. Keep repeating the steps until you think it's complete (I made 4 squares). I kept a little space in the middle of the pendant to attach a small wired bead and also attached 3 more small wired beads in 3 loops of the pendant(see picture). Attach a jump ring.


So fun and easy!!! I made a few for female family members who helped me plan and pull off my diy wedding. I did them in 20 gauge silver wire. Sorry forgot to take pics...

Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  kcochran-bullard9 months ago

Thanks so much! I'm glad that the tutorial was helpful ^_^

jujubee311 year ago
I love the butterfly pendant I'm defiantly going to make this!
Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  jujubee311 year ago

Thanks! post a picture here with the 'I made it' button if you make one :)

rmiller9991 year ago
What a creative soul you are! Thanks for sharing your projects!
Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  rmiller9991 year ago
Thank you so much! really, it means a lot :)
SuzyMac2 years ago
Very Well Done! Wire is looking like a lot of fun to me right now...but alas - school, work, love! Prioritize is my new motto! This definitely goes in my Favorites: file for vacation!
Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  SuzyMac2 years ago
Thanks! wire jewelry making is so much fun :) you should give it a try, the best thing about wire jewelry making is that you'll always come up with new designs.
wow! you just made my day! 10 tutorials in 1!!! beautiful, beautiful...
I know huh? How generous & wonderful! Excellent presentation too; very easy to follow! Hope you post more Instructables - I am glad someone has the time now to help me plan for the day...One thing at a time Greeta! Can you tell I have been missing crafting? Yay! Thanks for this Beautiful Collection!!
Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  SuzyMac2 years ago
Ohhww, thank you *Blush* !! I'm sooo glad my crafting addiction turned out to be so helpful. ask any question about crafting without any hesitation, I'm always here (in instructables) to help :) will be posting more, stay tuned!
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I'm sooooo happy to know that Yashfa! thank you, thank you...
you are welcome!
All are good but I really liked the first one :)
Thanks Tarun! that was my first attempt to make copper wire jewelry :)
Wow! Thats amazing...you must just have an innate talent! I really love them.
And I think you did a great job :)
JadeShark2 years ago
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Very happy to know! you're welcome :)
Kuronue2 years ago
Thank you so much for this! I'd been wanting to try wire-work for a while, but I always thought it was so intimidating and difficult. And then I found your tutorial. It's perfect. Thank you for the clear instructions about how and where to put the beads - so many books leave that out! - and all the fun designs. I'm buying wire this weekend to try them out! ^^
Muhaiminah Faiz (author)  Kuronue2 years ago
You're welcome! I'm very happy to know my ible was helpful :) I love making things as simply as possible. I hope you enjoy making these pendants, have a great day!
wow looks like it takes a lot of patience.
Yes, it does, but it's worth it :)
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Hey! I voted for you! Very cool, well written and beautifully photographed Instructable. Here's hoping you win :0)
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Oh! Thank you sooooo much ! that's so nice of you :)
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very very cute!! :)
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Thanks annie!
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Cute!Love the butterfly.On which contest have you published this?Have a nice weekend.
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Thanks Ayesha! I love the butterfly pendant too! Fashion contest.
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Ah beautiful and wonderful!...well done
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Happy to know you like'em :) thanks shazni!
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Those look great, I love the butterfly.
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Thank you ChrysN! the butterfly pendant is my fav as well!
So many fun ones! I think I like 5 the best :)
wire jewelry crafting is sooo much fun! I'm glad you like it :)