Picture of 10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For a Better Summer!
Here are 10 amazing tips and tricks you can use  to impress your friends, and make your summer a little easier.

I had seen pictures of some useful ideas on the internet, but no videos.  I made this in hopes that all of you would enjoy this compilation of 10 "life hacks" that has helped and inspired me.

I found many of them from,, and  The mango and fruit fly projects were inspired by my wife, from a trick she learned while visiting Argentina.

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Step 1: Watch the Video!

WARNING:  These projects and results are depictions of my own personal experiences.  Your results may vary depending on your location, and modifications to project ideas.  There may be risks associated with some of these projects that require adult supervision, and possibly others that I'm not aware of.  Use of this video content is at your own risk.

Step 2: Icy Drinks Everytime

Picture of Icy Drinks Everytime
When you need a drink to cool down, hot water can taste disgusting.  Try filling your water bottles, a quarter of the way, so that when their on their sides, the water settles just below the bottle neck.  Now stick your bottles in the freezer and go on with your day.  When the water is frozen it will make an ice block on the side the bottle, but doesn't block the opening.  Now when you need to cool off just take a bottle from the freezer, fill it up with your favorite drink, and you've got an instant, icy cold beverage ready to go.

Step 3: Mango Hack

Picture of Mango Hack
Grab yourself a mango and try this little trick.  Carefully cut off the two sides of the fruit, and hold one piece in your hand.  You can gently cut a few lines vertically, and a few more across, until the pattern resembles a checkerboard.  Now take it with both hands and gently push from the back.  You'll see bite sized pieces pop right up, and they're ready to eat.  You can use a spoon to scrape them into a bowl, or just eat them right off the peel.  It's fast, easy, and they won't get stuck in your teeth.
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bclamore1 year ago
Hmm. Why is this? Does cornmeal discourage or kill them?
ground popcorn, grits or plain cornmeal swells when in contact with moisture, ants take the grains back to the nest, feed the queen, the corn swells inside the queen and she dies, the colony dies soon after
Well yes, that's true - but all of the ants eat some of the cornmeal as well. It will kill the workers and soldiers as well as the Queen. Killing the Queen is just the death knell of the colony.
Have never heard of cornmeal working either, so I call bullsh!t. Commercial 'baits consist of pesticides on processed corn grits coated with soybean oil."
Also, exploding ants with grits is and old myth. "Some home remedies such as instant grits thought to be eaten by ants and swell in their stomachs and cause death when placed on the mound, have demonstrated to be ineffective, in this case because worker ants cannot ingest particles larger than 2 microns."
GMO corn. Pesticides inside of the corn. Look up GMO A GO GO or GMO OMG on YouTube.
tajon.loman4 months ago
GMO corn has insecticides genetically inserted into the food. So it's not a natural way to get rid of ants. You most likely killed the whole nest.
Unless that was you plan.
Plo Koon10 months ago


charlieanderin10 months ago
Love the video
This is just brilliant ty
gr8nesisme1 year ago
those are simple put you had to have a smart brain to think of them
Couldn't see video
yankee24421 year ago
These are so cool!
Why can't see the video :(
orbit12121 year ago
Renee!1 year ago
Can't wait to try these! Looking forward to a problem- free summer ;D
gregcat1 year ago
I don't understand the shampoo bottle idea. If you cut off the top part of the bottle, how do you re-attach it?
kwall21 year ago
Love this!
nkhalsa1 year ago
Within a couple days, they multiply, some escape and you still have flies. Anyone have a one-way fruit fly valve?
I've been treating a huge ant colony by my garage with plain yellow corn meal over the past few days. The piles keep disappearing and the trails of ants are getting smaller. Seems to be working.

Borax and karo syrup is another killer, it is sold commercially as Terro. It is very effective as well, but gets pricy compared with the cornmeal.
phoe1 year ago
It'd be better if this could be tweaked so the contents could be disposed of without throwing out your tupperware at the same time - although if you used yoghurt pots you could just throw them away regardless - just re-wrap the pot in film prior to disposal to minimise the chances of them getting out again !
I find this to be a better solution, it is what I use for them.
In a small dish mix 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and a squirt of dish soap. The smell of the vinegar is similar to rotting fruit and attracts the flies, and the soap makes it so they can't land on the surface and take off again. It only takes a few minutes to start collecting flies at the bottom of the dish.
Love it! We used this one over the weekend!  Thanks Grant!
lord of the flies.jpg
love the shampoo bottle trick.

unfortunately in the beaches in my country they steal almost everything...
nice - thanks for the tips :)
Clever! :)
This is a little random but, your keys look the same as mine. do you also drive a scooter?
Yes we just got a scooter and those are the keys! lol
M3G1 year ago
Did you know that someone posted this on 9gag?
The King of Random (author)  M3G1 year ago
Hey that's awesome! Thanks so much for the link!
Dianamite1 year ago
Can I just use the bag of cornmeal that is sitting in my cupboard?
The King of Random (author)  Dianamite1 year ago
tandykins1 year ago
For added effect (though anyone trying this please be mindful of pets and children), mix a little borax in with the cornmeal. It will kill them far, far faster. I managed to wipe out a colony in less than a week that had been plaguing me for months.
tandykins1 year ago
Best way to eat a mango.
Starrystar1 year ago
Popcorn kernels in a blender? Does that damage the blender at all?
Ice will do more damage to a blender then popcorn kernels, yet we all do it.
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