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Where can I purchase 3/4 inch acrylic balls as featured in your "One-Way Check Valve" video?

yonatan246 days ago


I make a lot of projects like Grant (obviously not at his quality) but a lot of people still like my projects.

I'm trying to gain subscribers so ill really really appreciate it if you subscribe to me!

I'll also sub back

thanks :)

I liked your candy cannon video what if you were to make the barrel bigger and you could put tennis balls into it for practicing game

santa50523 days ago

your the best. i love the blowgun and sugar rockets.

I love the king of random on youtube and instructables!!! Youre awsome! Plus you should make more videos about melting metal and aluminium.

I love his videos too!

redneck4442 months ago

I love the ninja balls

PratikS42 months ago

you're Awesome. Iam a HUGE fan! I love your LASER ASSISTED BLOWGUN & MINI METAL FOUNDRY.love every things that you make.

You're Awesome. I am a HUGE fan! I love your pirotechnics and I hope to someday be able to make things as good as you.

ScottyW16 months ago

so how did you make the mold for the sword?


look at the video or instructions for turning foam into metal.

Vader_90 ScottyW16 months ago

its called foam molding you put a carved piece of Styrofoam into a bucket of sand with a small piece still sticking out then pour the molten metal on top of it and as the molten metal melts the styrofoam it takes the shape and bam you have your aliminum or brass or whatever mold

I was going to ask the same question!!

frasesyamor4 months ago

¡Me encantan esos diseños!

AndrewM194 months ago

i have some questions about the micro metal forge thingy. namely, where to obtain firebrick, and how to make sure you dont get any residual metal sticking to the forge.