This is a compilation of 101 useful things that can be 3D printed!

I did not design any of these models and am taking no credit for any them, I searched for a very long time(over 8 hours!) and downloaded these pictures from the Internet. I thought that this would be acceptable because most of the compilations of 3d prints online are small and of not useful things.

Note: I do not have the files to print any of the following objects, this is simply to give you an idea of the usefulness of a 3D printer. But, all of the images were downloaded from the Internet and if you search you will probably find the file to download if you would like.

Step 1: Salt and Pepper Shakers

Step 2: Toothpaste Squeezer

Never have trouble getting the last bit out again!

Step 3: Chip Clip

Step 4: Whistle

Step 5: Spare Key

Step 6: Adjustable Wrench

Step 7: Hair Combs

Step 8: Electrical Outlet Wire Wrap

Step 9: Phone Case

Step 10: Dice

Step 11: Belt

Step 12: Grocery Bag Carrier

Step 13: Gears

Customizable gears for any project you have.

Step 14: Nuts and Bolts

Step 15: Nut Cracker

Step 16: Knife Sheath

Protect kids from your kitchen knives or add a belt loop and carry around your favorite blade.

Step 17: Orange Peeler

If you've never tried one of these before, it makes oranges much less of a hassle.

Step 18: Tweezers

For any uses you may have, even replacing the ones you lost from your pocket knife.

Step 19: License Plate Frame

Well, it's sorta useful, and fully customizable!

Step 20: Mechanical Pencil

I'm not sure what size it uses, but it can probably be made to use any size.

Step 21: Laptop Stand

To prevent any overheating during prolonged use.

Step 22: Straw

It's always nice to have a non-disposable straw around.

Step 23: New Zipper Handle

Never spend time fiddling with your broken zipper again!

Step 24: Fishing Reel

Step 25: Fishing Lures

They'll match perfectly with your fishing reel.

Step 26: Fly Swatter

Viewer Discretion Advised:

Kill those pesky Bugs!

Step 27: Chess Pieces

No more unfair advantages due to missing pawns.

Step 28: Postage Stamp Holder

Step 29: Bird Feeder

Step 30: Custom Circuit Boards

Step 31: Hat

Step 32: Custom Lego and Other Construction Toys

Step 33: Basket/Bowl

Step 34: Working Clock

Step 35: Lock With Key

Step 36: Phone Ergonomic Game Case

Step 37: Pen Cap

Step 38: Custom Pipe Fittings

Step 39: Box

Step 40: Buttons

Step 41: Brain Entertainer

It's so pretty...

Step 42: Paper Clip

Step 43: Teapot/Coffee Pot

Step 44: Door Graber

Open the door all the way and this will grab the handle and keep it open

Step 45: Earbud Thing

Step 46: Cast

Step 47: Dog Tag

Step 48: Coat Hanger

Step 49: Spatula

Step 50: Plate

Step 51: Buckle

Step 52: Paper Weight

They have their uses.

Step 53: Post-it Note Box

Step 54: Key Organizer/Hanger

Step 55: Tiny Crowbar

For those tiny nails you hanger up stuff with.

Step 56: Carabiner

Step 57: Custom Lens

Step 58: Light Switch Name Tags

Step 59: Cherry Pit Remover

Step 60: Custom Outlet Cover

Step 61: Desk Lamp

Put this together and run some wires and your all set.

Step 62: Drill/Screwdriver Bit Holder Bracelet

Always have the right bit handy.

Step 63: Pliers

Step 64: Shoes

Step 65: Knife Rack

Step 66: Faucet

Step 67: Replacement Parts

Make replacement parts for whatever broken things you may have.

Step 68: Citrus Juicer

Step 69: Cup

Step 70: Guitar

Step 71: Working Combination Lock

Step 72: Outlet Shelf

Step 73: Instrument

Step 74: Multi-Tool

Step 75: Razor Hanger

Step 76: Prosthetic Limbs

Step 77: Garlic Press

Step 78: Cookie Cutter

Step 79: Cable Holder

Step 80: Faucet Water Fountain Attachment

Step 81: Water Bottle

Step 82: Earbud Wrap

Step 83: Shirt

Step 84: Scissors

Step 85: Project Box

Step 86: Spoon

Step 87: Gun Magazine

Step 88: Cutlery(Silverware)

Step 89: Speaker Amplifier/Director

Step 90: Pen Holder

Step 91: Guitar Pick

Step 92: Light Switch Cover

Step 93: Measuring Spoons

In ultra specific sizes, 3-58ths of a quart? Done.

Step 94: Gallon Jug Water Spout

Step 95: Hand Crank Mixer

Step 96: A Working Gun

Step 97: Knife

Step 98: Tablet Stand

Step 99: Phone Wallet Case

Step 100: Watch Band

Step 101: Screwdriver

Need a Triangle, Hexagon, square, or any other shape bit? Just print one.

Step 102: Thank You!

And that is 101 useful, practical, functional things to 3D print. Thank you for viewing and God Bless!
<p>Can I have the .stl file for the d20?</p>
<p>Or any kind of file for the d20? I can convert it using autodesk.</p>
unfortunately I do not have the .stl files as I stated on the beginning I found all of the pictures online through Google Image searches, I would advise searching for it either on Google/Bing or perhaps on thingiverse.com. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful.
<p>Too bad you have to click through 101 pages to see them all</p>
<p>No there's a way to see all in fewer than 100 clicks.</p><p>Totally irrelevant, but anyone else ready for an epistocracy?</p>
click view all steps and you can see them all in 1 click.
<p>There's always one</p>
<p>Step 1: Click &quot;View all steps&quot;<br>Step 2: Don't click through all 102~ pages<br>Step 3: ???????????<br>Step 4: Profit!</p>
<p>All the negative people need to put their egos aside and play nice. You can be helpful and not be a jerk.</p>
<p>The picture for #51 does not appear to be 3D printed. While I'm sure you can print clips like that, the picture is not proper. </p>
Thank you for trying to help, but according to its source it is 3d printed.
<p>You can clearly see the marks where the plastic was injected into the mold. Definitely not 3D printed.</p>
Ok sorry, from the source I thought that it would be, my bad. It could still be 3d printed however.
<p>Not with a standard extruding printer like 99.9% of use have. The overhangs on the female side of the buckle would be an absolute nightmare and most likely impossible. </p>
print it standing upright?
<p>You'd be able to most likely print the majority of it, but the actual slot where you thread your fabric or whatever would be near impossible. That's on FDM machines (standard consumer 3D printers, what about 99% of them are) but on sintering machines you would be able to do that no problem. Problem is they are still somewhat rare because of their multi-thousand dollar cost.</p>
<p>yeah yeah.... people without 3D printers continue to appear as experts and assume stuff around on the internet I see :-) :p </p><p>Get yourself a printer and start experiencing in stead ;-) </p><p>It is SO possible to print those buckles on a FFF 3d-printer. </p><p>The best result I got was when i printed the <a href="http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:348729/#files" rel="nofollow">http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:348729/#files </a> and it turned out very nice, strong and smooth.</p><p>I printed 2 and I had to give one of them away first time i showed it to anyone. He immediately asked &quot;can i have it?&quot; when he got it in his hand :D</p>
<p>Awww that's cute, I built both my printers. I'd love to see just how long those buckles worked for. got any pictures of them after actually using them instead of sitting on a trinkets shelf?</p>
<p>they are probably good for safety harnesses</p>
<p>Get REKT @solongsidekick</p>
<p>I don't think you know what that non-word means.</p>
Thank you.
<p>99.9% of USE?</p>
<p>Ugh thanks, supposed to be &quot;us&quot;.</p>
<p>this is a nice reference for things in 3d printing .. but it is NOT an instructable .</p>
<p>Very nice guide! I have always been interested in 3-D printing; will have to try some of these out sometime.</p>
<p>Very nice, download links would have been even better!</p>
<p>I can't Find the Pencil stl file :(</p>
<p>&quot;Door Graber&quot;</p>
<p>Awesome ideas! I will definetly print a few of these if I ever buy a 3D printer</p>
<p>It's really unfortunate that there is not an single instruction in this entire page. Even on Pintrest I can usually click on the picture to get to the actual items or instructions.</p>
<p>Maybe i am thumb, but where can i find the stl files?<br>Greetings Pavel</p>
Cool chess pieces, can you teach me how to do some simple 3D prints?
<p>Google sketch up or Solidworks, google it , youtube is full of tutorials :) </p>
He didn't make any of these.
I didn't say I did, in fact, I said that I didn't.
look in the &quot;You might also like&quot; section of this instructable and read the one called &quot;My very first 3d print&quot;. it goes over the learning process of designing and printing something.
which application I for make better 3d design
<p>Solidworks :)</p>
I have only used Google Sketchup but it seems to work very well.
<p>Great printouts.</p><p>Makes me want to own a 3d printer.</p>
That's for sure.
<p>You Sir might possible earn the award for the 'ible with most steps. I'm impressed. I knew that 3D printers have a lot of potential, but I was never creative enough to imagine most of these prints.</p>
Thank you very much!
Thank you , there is some great ideas and again thanks for sharing
great ideas and reminders. now I have an alternative over webcrawling to find a replacement feed-dog lever to my discontinued blind hemmer sewing machine.
Cool chess pieces, can you teach me how to do some simple 3D prints?
I don't know a whole bunch about how to do 3d printing, I would suggest searching on the Internet and Youtube.com, maybe design some stuff with Google Sketchup(Free!) and then have in printed via an online service.
As an electrician, I can see a definite market for your custom switch and outlet covers. Possibly add different characters for kids' rooms.

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