Wire coat hangers are cheap and easy to find. Sure they work well for hanging your dry cleaning but that's just the beginning. Here are 21 ways to upcycle the humble wire hanger.


Step 1: Razor Organizer

This keeps your new disposable razors lined up in an organized row. Cut a section of wire and bend it over a socket. Tie a lark’s foot with a rubber band at the curved end. Load the razors and secure them with the rubber band.
<p>A socket &quot;bit&quot;, really?</p>
The large sowing needle out of the hanger can also be made into a bait rigging needle
<p>awesome </p>
<p>Awesome ideas!</p>
<p>I use coat hangers for lots of things but you shed a whole new light on the idea. Great instructable, thanks!</p>
<p>Coat hanger yagi antenna for satellite communication</p><p>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hy_XwvMmIro</p>
<p>Good idea!</p><p>My father once made a wood drill spade by flattening one end and filing it into shape. He used this bit to run telephone wires into the walls. Using coat hanger wire, he could make drill bit the length he needed.</p>
<p>Superb 'Ible - Thanks.</p><p>I believe the Wire Coat Hanger is the Greatest Invention [after the wheel I guess] and beats sliced bread hands down.</p><p>Used the Kilt Pin [safety pin idea] to hold 'Tally discs' for tool boards.</p><p>Anyone in the UK would remember the Ford Escort Ariel [bent hanger stuck in the hole] and the portable TV Ariel.</p><p>I have been looking at the FishBone for a while to see if I could make one - seeing as how it's yours I'll buy one instead - it's well worth it.</p>
Now that's a good idea. I can't buy upholstery needles down town, it would cause too many people to worry.
<p>One suggestion I would make on the upholstery needle, is when hammering the end for the eyelet, once you make the eyelet, putting a hard wire temporarily through the eyelet, and re-hammering the sides back, so the whole needle will go through, without tearing the fabric.</p>
<p>That's a good one. Thank You. : - }</p>
<p>Dam good ideas - as usual. Thanks again.</p>
<p>Hey,</p><p>How about a toilet roll holder? ;)</p><p>No idea why I thought of that.... :P</p>
<p>Done that too! re-bent, and with a wooden dowel with holes drilled in the ends for the hanger. Used to have a couple my Grandfather made for this, a roll in the kitchen, for either small spills, catching/cleaning up a good sneeze! </p>
<p>One more, I took a 5/16&quot;-Dia steel weld rod, (can be 3-feet long) added a shaft collar to one end, and drilled a 5/64&quot; hole through the side of the shaft collar, but as close as possible to the center, chucked the rod into a variable speed drill, and used it to wind the straightened, long piece of coat hangers, and straightened pieces of the hook (only scrapping the twist) to make my first suit of chain maille. (then putting the cut rings into a cast-iron pot, adding a little paraffin wax &amp; lighter fluid, to burn off the paint as well as lower the tensile strength.) took me over 20 years to finish. (ept running out of Coat Hangers!) </p>
<p>Although I prefer more flexible tape based versions for portable work (see=&gt;<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/433-MHz-tape-measure-antenna-suits-UHF-transmitte/" rel="nofollow">http://www.instructables.com/id/433-MHz-tape-measure-antenna-suits-UHF-transmitte/</a> ), coat hanger wire suits simple &quot;COTANGA&quot; UHF radio antenna !</p>
Bend a metal coat hanger in half ... Hook becomes a handle. Place on stove element and put bread, bagel or sliced bun on. Use handle to remove from heat, turn toast nd VOILA!
<p>Hey, Your calender is out of date!<br>Nice 'ible. :-)</p>
Love wire coat hangers ... Thanks
We bought a house with a closet we call &quot;Joan Crawford's Nightmare&quot; because it is FULL of wire hangers. Since I am loathe to chuck 'em, this gives me a few new ideas. Thanks!
My Old Man had one on His lunch pale at the Anaconda Copper Co. He filled His pail well up with shingle nails, while They were on the bench at the Change House waiting for the time clock, a &quot;Buddy&quot; unclipped the top and lowered the toggles and slid the clip back. Before the buzzer sounded Dad's Forman sat by Him. At the sound of the buzzer They all left Him on the floor scooping up nails, and trying to get clocked out before He missed the bus to town. Fun.!
You freaking amaze me. <br> <br>Seriously.
Awesome Instructable!! I definately will be making some of these, I especially like the wrench clothes pin.
You can make a pretty rockin' hotdog/marshmallow cooker as well I'm working on an instructable for one now. I know you get complements all the time, but I want to give you another. I find true joy checking our your instructables and we have accomplished some of your projects at camp and I plan to attempt another with the kids this summer, I will be better about taking pictures and show you. I really appreciate that you take the time to make quality instructables that end with a quality product, you rock!
Cool!!! Thanks for that. I'm making a parachute man kit specifically as a project for kids. Maybe that could be something you could use this summer.
I think it could! I can't wait to see it!
Thank you for not posting pictures
Yes, we are quite grateful
Thought I'd share with you <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Stove-Trivet-from-a-coat-hanger/" rel="nofollow">my coat hanger ible.</a><br> <br> It's no where near as elaborate or as awesome as your projects, but it uses only a coat hanger.<br>
Looks good to me. Thanks.
Note that this only works for certain types of locks. works best with the push-to-lock, push-to-unlock style of lock.
Like the needle idea.<br>
Made a Drain cleaner before I seen yours and they work good.
they also work great for unlocking a car if you locked your keys inside
Dude! That's awesome!
I love your instructables!<br>I love making jewelry - mostly beading, and I'm always wanting cool pendants and such. I've been getting a bunch of cool ideas looking at your stuff!<br><br>I was wondering if you could write up a list of the tools you use with a small description on how to use them; with maybe a small list of &quot;Ugly ducklings&quot; that usually spark inspiration for you?<br><br>
I've done this very thing for a ghillie suit, but out of sparkler wire. <br>Guy's weekend out, as you can imagine.
Similar type &quot;pins&quot; are also used in knitting as stitch holders. :)
some great ideas here, Ive used hangers to support brake calipers, power sterring pumps etc when working on a car, unclog a house vacumn hose, hang bird feeders or plants, small pieces bent in a u can be pressed in the ground to direct extension cords for holiday displays and bent into s shapes can hang lights from the gutters or trees
Nice ideas, I used to work next to a Dry Cleaners and so I've got a box of 'em too. Cut and bent them up to fit into the grids I've got next to my computer to hold cables, headphones, among other bits and pieces... and I've still got a bunch left. Maybe I'll try one or two of these ideas too. <br>
I like the safety pin. <br> <br>another use that I use hangers for every day at work is by having a hook on it like in step five and thats what I use to fish out fuel line/fuel filters out of power equipment (chainsaws, string trimmers, hedge trimmers, leaf blowers)
Don't forget TV antenna (if your like me and can only get local tv ;P )<br>But great instructable!
Coat hangers also work well in a pinch as welding rod for an oxy-acetylene welding outfit.
Can you please explain number 9? its confusing me haha
Most bedroom and bathroom doors have a small hole on the outside handle. To open a locked door you need a flat head screw driver. This is an imrovised key you can keep on the top door jam ledge. <br> <br>
This is a terrific list. I can also add the following:<br><br>1. I've bent one into a laptop stand which works well. <br>2. I've read about them chiseled into emergency fish hooks.<br>3. They can be hammered flat and bent into various types of strong lock picks.<br>4. I've bent some into &quot;S&quot; hooks for door hangers that work well.<br><br>Maybe others can add more to the list.<br><br>
sorry forgot to say ten as the number i used lol
i have used number as a crotchet and knitting assistant for holding multiple loops as i work on other sections ,great instructable
Nice Ible!&nbsp;<a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Hotel-coat-hanger-rear-view-mirror-camera-mount/">Here</a>&nbsp;is number 12.

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