Picture of $15 PSY Gangnam Style costume for Halloween
I went as PSY for my schools celebrity day for spirit week. This out fit can also be used as a Halloween costume. I made my costume for $15 dollars but it might be more do to me already having some materials. 
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Step 1: Gather materials

Picture of Gather materials
You need:
Black cloth
jacket \
pants  ---I got these from goodwill for $10  
shirt    /
Black dress shoes
white duck tape
Sewing supplies
White bow tie
And don't forget the sunglasses!

Step 2: Make the jacket

Picture of Make the jacket
To make the jacket i got a brown jacket from goodwill and just sew black fabric that we had lying around onto the lapels. The finish product looked like this...

Step 3: Then make the shoes

Picture of then make the shoes
To make the shoes I had some old dress shoes that were black. But to make them look like PSY's i put white duct tape on them. finish product looks like so...

Step 4: Put it all together!

Picture of Put it all together!
Once you have done all of those just put it on and your done! But dont forget the sunglasses!
tfrost32 years ago
the song is awful, and the dance is even worse. I don't understand its popularity
Its actually just popular because of it being different, unusual, and plain catchy! Well that, and its just a huge bandwagon and an internet one hit wonder. Wait 3 months and it will be history. That's the theory at least...
It's been 3 months and yep it is.
Shouldn't the Harlem Shake video costume Instructables be rolling in too?
monsterlego2 years ago
AAYYYYYYYY, sexy lady!
sunny pratt2 years ago
You can check
ghavel2 years ago
How about combining this with the Lego costume ible? Now that would be really crazy...
This is great! Especially the shoes! Next time you'll have to come up with the outfit the guy in yellow is wearing or maybe the towel PSY is wearing in the sauna!! ;)
This is so not Gangnam style that it's ironic.
fullinception (author)  ScottyAlmanjoy2 years ago
l8nite2 years ago
I have no idea what a gangnam is or who PSY might be but the creativity you've shown is commendable. Congratulations on your first instructable !
randofo l8nite2 years ago
Tumunga randofo2 years ago
oh man. It's only at 359.7 million views so that a lot?
rrkrose l8nite2 years ago
Gangnam Style is this really awesome korean rap song with a hilarious video to go along. You have to see it!
fullinception (author)  l8nite2 years ago
Thanks! This means a lot!
I can't believe how good these shoes look. If you didn't tell me it was just duct tape, I would have never even known.
Hitman2272 years ago
Nice instructable!
fullinception (author)  Hitman2272 years ago
rrkrose2 years ago
Oppa Gangnam Style! I definitely have to get one of my friends to wear this for Halloween.
2fst4u rrkrose2 years ago
Sorry, I had to.
for extra credit you should write the whole thing in 한국