2 Ingredient ICE CREAM without an ice cream maker!

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This ice cream is simple...only 2 ingredients!
And no ice cream maker!

It's so creamy and delicious!
It's perfect alone or with any mix-ins you can think of!

It does take planning ahead though...

Step 1: 2 ingredients!

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Here's what you need.

2 cups Whole Cream or Heavy Whipping cream (16 fl oz)
1 can Sweetened Condensed Milk (about 14 oz)

Blend together about 4 minutes until thick and creamy.
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lollinae1 month ago
Ugh I hated this I tried it out with some friends and we had to add sugar, whipped cream and vanilla extract and it turned out sour and now me and my brother are in trouble ugh this sucks it's the worst ever
NicoleH131 month ago

Mine came out really liquidy.

Mileenabug made it!2 months ago
My mom introduced me to this recipe. The first try was plain and it tasted like cheese which I wasn't fond of. So second time we added vanilla extract as a mix in and it was delicious! Just made some now-just needs to freeze!

Mine came out really liquidy. Did you whip the cream first? Thats what other sites said to do. I did as instructed above & Im didapointed...

Mileenabug2 months ago
My mom introduced me to this recipe. The first try was plain and it tasted like cheese which I wasn't fond of. So second time we added vanilla extract as a mix in and it was delicious! Just made some now-just needs to freeze!
EstrellaF made it!2 months ago
I did half batch and added 3 tablespoons of coffee. It was delicious.
SpeakTheTruth2 months ago

I just made it with sweetened condensed Coconut milk (that I made by boiling/reducing some full fat canned coconut milk) and whipped coconut milk. It looks beautiful! Tastes great so far and is in the freezer right now! Can't wait to try it tomorrow! So happy to have vegan ice "cream"! :D

BlessCBS2 months ago
My 11 year old son & I made this fof dessert tomorrow. I added a dash of Vanilla Flavor & diced peaches on the bottom. We'll see how it comes out. The sampling before the freeze, taste like a Wendys Vanilla Frosty. Yum. CBS
TheGeek19842 months ago
I saw this recipe on pintrest originally and came here for flavor ideas. I just wanted to comment that I made this over the weekend, and I made s'mores ice cream. It's amazing! I even toasted the marshmallows under the broiler to get the toasty flavor.

I did notice that some people said it was too rich or as one person wrote "buttery", or left an aftertaste. they may have over whipped and gone more to the side of butter than whipped cream. I stopped just before soft peaks formed, and I think this gave me a softer, creamier ice cream.
pazmiz1 year ago

Hi, how long does this ice cream last in the freezer??

Mines been there for a few days, and it's still soft and easy to scoop. My guess is it will last until it's eaten...lol.
pacrawshaw11 months ago

I may never buy store-bought again. :)

I made some over the weekend and I agree, I may just continue to make this instead of buying expensive ice cream!
jackmacks10 months ago


RE: OMG! This stuff will kill you! How many calories in this stuff? Instant heart attack!


get a clue: Sugar is what causes hypertension, not natural fats. Fats heal.

check out traditional diets for the last 10,000 years....

high fat + low sugar (or ferment the sugars before eating)

(the only caveat is you have to distinguish between healthy & unhealthy fats. Its easy- the unhealthy ones are anything manmade like canola, corn oil, etc.)

btw: if you are wondering why everything nowadays is low fat & high sugar, its because cancer/heart disease is hugely profitable.

You might as well write "Carrots kill!" when you end it with a conspiracy based on nothing but paranoia.

OMG!!! Carrots Kill!! :D Don't stab me in the eyes!

Everything is killing us. Your comment is awesome!

shanikwaA4 months ago
I've been making this recipe for awhile! I first saw it on Martha Stewart haha, but it's superbly creamy, smooth and oh so rich. Taste like it came from an artisan ice cream shop. Although, I think it's the bee's knees, I do agree that for my personal taste it's ultra sweet and the condensed milk flavor can be a little overwhelming. So here's what I do to combat this : I reduced the condensed milk to 8-10 oz and add 6-4 oz of half and half or sweet cream depending on the add ins (if I am adding additional liquid I add less half and half and 10 oz condensed milk, this keeps it from being too thin and runny). This cuts the sugar wonderfully. My favorite way of serving this is with meyer lemon juice, about 1/2 cup, added in to the base. Sooooo good. Best lemon ice cream I've ever had. Also good with chocolate pudding cake.

I made this last night and added a mix of 3T instant coffee diluted in a couple tsp of water (blend it in after its whipped) it is amazing

MashaS5 months ago

This turned out amazing! I am only 11 and i was hungry and i happened to stumble upon this recipe I love it!

tomtheginger7 months ago
Has anyone tried this with coconut milk?
ben.lea.77 months ago

I would like to make a 4 litre pale ice cream how much whipping cream and condensed milk would I need per 4 litres?

thousand-man8 months ago

I loved this stuff but I will admit it was VERY sweet. I added in around a tablespoon of chocolate syrup and while it did add some flavor, it was still more sweet than chocolate (if that makes any sense). I don't know if adding in something like water would help dilute it, though from what I've read on the comments it seems like you could change the cream or milk to a less sweet version. What would be the best option so you can taste the ice cream and flavor and not be overpowered by the sweetness?

I made this and it is wonderful. Added some dry jello mix, just a little for flavor. Once you try it, you won't care how many calories......keep it a secret tho, your kids will consume all of it!!!

PeterP411 months ago

OMG! This stuff will kill you! How many calories in this stuff? Instant heart attack!

Well heavy whipping cream only has 60 calories with not much sugar, and sweetened condense milk only has 120 with again not a lot of sugar.So it not a heart attack plus i tried it and if you put greek yogurt in it it healthier.Plus maybe oreos. So no it's not bad for you and won't give you a heart attack.

Thank you, HelloYouSeemNice, I think I'll stick with the Greek yogurt and maybe coconut palm sugar. Actually, I have already made some ice cream with just Greek yogurt and coconut palm sugar and it was great. Coconut palm sugar is a 1 on the glycemic index so I don't think I did much harm to my body :-) And by the way, You Seem Nice Too !

I tried it and it was AMAZING! I put in a little greek yogurt and some oreos and everybody loved it. Thank you great work :D

I just got an ice cream maker last year but sure could have used this beforehand! Great recipe.

cashone1 year ago

Wow nice recipe. Thanks to share such a great ice cream recipe. I am loving it. Will must try this


furlow1 year ago
This was the 2nd time I made this recipe. First time I over wiped the cream and it had a buttery mouth feel, my mistake though. 2nd time it came out great, but I would have to reiterate that it was too creamy, however I had used uk double cream which contains higher fat than us heavy cream. I'm going to try it out using whipping cream which has approximately the same fat content of heavy cream or maybe even something lighter.

Still its a great recipe!
pdadson1 year ago
It looks really good
aazrhael1 year ago
i tried mixing flavors used in shaved ice, blueberry,watermelon and apple (green) it was amazing!
DragonDon1 year ago
Dammit, I'm trying to loose weight!! :) Cool stuff...pun intended.
I made this last night but after reading the comments about it leaving an after taste from the fat I substituted one of the cups of whipping cream for half n half. It ended up being delicious and probably not as heavy. All my kids loved it and want me to make it again!
RSUSummoner2 years ago
I actually made this at home using a hand mixer. Lot of pain and quite a bit of gain.

While it is delicious, it feels a bit thick. I'm a heavy eater, and I feel weighed down after two scoops. Any alternatives to maybe lighten up the ingredients?
doodlecraft (author)  RSUSummoner2 years ago
Way to go! I think it's thick as well...but if you cover it with enough fudge, that seems to help! :) ha ha, kidding.
Not sure how to lighten it...some suggested part milk or half and half instead of whole cream. :)
Milk work
gammerguy2 years ago
I know this recipe its a good one
scrane2 years ago
We don't use any refined sugar at our house & organic icecream is expensive, so I have been making this for a few years now using organic cream & organic sweetened condensed milk. If you want to add flavors add to the condensed milk and add more than you think you will need. When you add it to the sweetened condensed milk it will look like a lot, but remember you are still folding in a LOT of cream which will dilute the flavor a lot. Also, if you are going to add any mix ins, put it in the freezer for an hour then fold in the nut, chocolate chips, cookie dough, brownie pieces, whatever. This way they don't all just sink to the bottom & are evenly distributed. My favorite flavor so far has been key lime (1/4-1/2 c organic lime juice concentrate) with bits of homemade graham cracker praline. Or, oatmeal chocolate chip cookie dough with caramel swirls, a Tbs melted butter+2tsp vanilla+1tsp cinnamon in the condensed milk, then after an hour in the freezer stir in the oatmeal cookie dough chunks & swirl in the caramel sauce (mine is homemade, but you could use the store bought stuff too). We love experimenting with flavors at our house.
doodlecraft (author)  scrane2 years ago
What a perfect option! Sounds like you are quite the expert, I'll have to give some of your combos a try! Thanks for sharing! :)
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