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Mary-Lily337 months ago

I totally love ALL of your instructables. Awesome sauce that you are a play-at-home homeschool mom, I am homeschooled.

I loved your cape tutorial, perfect for a Halloween red-riding hood costume.


How is being homeschooled like? Sounds interesting...

SusanO57 months ago

Can't wait to start doodlecrafting!!

wikd9 months ago

:) hi

BartholomewH11 months ago


Brooklyntonia11 months ago

Thanks for the patch and congrats on your win!

I love your new picture! It's hilarious! You guys look like you have a ton of fun together :D

Corinbw1 year ago

I loved being homeschooled. And I think I turned out fine also. Thanks for being someone that still does that. The hands on learning that got was the most amazing ever, and now I extremely enjoy working and creating with my hands. Homeschooling taught me to love learning and creating. Sorry just had to thank you and give my two cents about homeschooling. I also love your instructables.

home schooling u say sounds pretty cool and do u mind helping me with some of my diy instructable if u can plz message me if u cant I made a nail polish I will send u it in the message it was fun and useful Im going to give it to my mum for valentines day 2015

thx for the slides xxxx

shazni1 year ago

Your instructables are awesome ! Hope I won't miss any now that I'm following you :). We seem to have one daughter, two sons and a love for crafting in common!

i see that you are having some seedling starting questions, have you seen the life seeder ?

doodlecraft (author)  Akin Yildiz1 year ago

Awesome, thanks for this! :)

Just uploaded a new instructable! Check it out!

OMG!! I can not believe I was not following you :(. Now I won't miss ya :)

Congrats for making it to the finals of the Valentine's day contest!

Your ibles are very inspirational :)