.223 Ammo Pin





Introduction: .223 Ammo Pin

I’m not a gun nut but I still think this pin is cool. I put it on my camping bag but you could put it on a hat, jacket, or make it a tie tack. Just don’t take it through an airport =).

To make it:

Use an expended cartridge. That means a bullet that has already been shot. Do not under any circumstances use live ammo.

Mount an empty shell in to a drill press. Make sure it is on it’s lowest RPM. Use a pipe cutter to cut off the primer end. File the back side flat.

For the pin part I got a pack of “pins and clutches” from the craft store; 10 for $3.00. Cut the pin out of the backing. Mount it into a drill press and file it down until it fits into the hole in the back of the shell.

Place a piece of solder into the shell. Heat it from the bottom so the solder seeps into the hole. While the solder is molten, place the pin in the hole. File away any excess solder.

To polish the completed pin use 1000 grit sand paper followed by polishing compound and a polishing wheel.



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    These look great! Can someone tell me where they get the empty shells from I can't wait to make some!

    its easy jut find someone who likes to shoot and doesn't reload theyd probably be happy to give you their brass unless they know a gunsmith like I do who will give u a certain amount off on ammo if you bring in your brass to him. for reloading

    i bought mine at a flea market. they were being so you can reload them. i got about 200 3030, 30-06and 8mm . but you can probably get some at a gun range if you ask and they would probably sell them to you pretty cheap if not give them away


    Thanks for the great idea man. I made four of these. They are awesome and will make some great gifts! I took mine and slathered them with india ink before I polished them.

    This left the ink in the writing and poor which gave it a nice antiqued look.

    Thanks again!


    This is all kinds of awesome. Looks Great! And thanks for posting photos.

    Now if you could make these into snap buttons for a hunting jacket that would look real good. I wonder if shotgun shells would make nice size buttons?? Hummmm

    I've made a pin from a shotgun shell as well. It's easier then the rifle shell. I like your thinking. I don't own a hunting jacket or even go hunting but I'm going to have to figure out how to make a button that can be fitted over existing snap buttons. Thanks for the ideas!

    Well you keep on a making and I'll keep on thinking! I love what you been putting on here so far, keep um comin!

    I guess only do this with an empty shell casing?

    You would think that would be common sense but I saw a safety message where someone used the business end of a 50 cal round as a hammer... Unsuccessfully.