Picture of 3 Roll Masking Tape Dispenser
This summer I created an activity for the children's craft area of the St Paul Irish fair.
Kids from 1 to 12 made the craft so I had to be prepared for all ages and their parents.

The activity was making snakes using colored masking tape to create a ring pattern down the snake. I had 10 colors of tape. To manage materials and my budget each maker could select three colors of tape to create the pattern on their 36 inch backer rod snake. The 1-inch by 60-yard tape spools have a 3 inch core. I needed eight dispensers, one per crafter. The cheapest I could find on line was $18 a unit. Not in my price range.

I had just been involved in a Milk Carton boat race and half gallon paper milk cartons where still on my mind. Through trial and error I found they make a swell three roll holder for no cost because all the materials where in my recycling bin.

In this version the 15 ounce can of tomato sauce is the spindle for the tape and provides weight to hold the rolls down when they are pulled. It also lifts out easily so I could slide off the three rolls and add three new ones for the next crafter.

I did not add a serrated tearing edge because experience has shown me many kids have a hard time combining the twist and pressure to tear tape. They end up wasting a lot. Scissors where provided instead, a tool they all enjoy using.

The tape I was using is sold for kids craft projects and is reposition-able. I don't recommend this dispenser for tapes with strong adhesion. The dispenser was pulled across the table when I tried duct tape.

Today I posted an entry on my blog with a link to this tutorial.

I'd appreciate your letting me know if that's OK.


Nancy Ward
jgroenert (author)  craftdesigns5 years ago
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this is a great solution to a sticky problem!
Kaiven5 years ago
This would be good for the 8 rolls of duct tape on my desk...
Quacko6 years ago
This worked really well with a great amount of kids- quick on and off with different colored tapes. Would be good for classrooms and craft areas for all kids- most kids managed this real well- good building instructions for a cool device.