I guess the title is pretty self explanatory, but a picture is worth a thousand words!

This is my first instructable so constructive comments are appreciated. I originally posted this on my blog, and after much grudging by my friends to post here, I decided I should. So here goes.

This thing turned out to be surprisingly versatile, and much better to use in practice than I had originally anticipated. The one pictured here gives me about 120 degrees of movement around the two horizontal axes and 360 around the vertical. Not too shabby.

Step 1: Materials

the bill of materials is ridiculously small, and not restricted to these options. You can easily find replacements for all these parts.

You need:

. one tennis ball.
. 1/4' bolt (that fits your camera, be careful to get the right tread. what's it called?)
. a nut, butterfly nut and a washer.
. a tube or can that the tennisball will snugly fit into. Doesn't matter what kind, it should be sturdy. Try using the can that the balls come in.
. some tape and a knife or something.

<p>Certainly a unique idea. Wonder what was the inspiration for this creation?</p>
that's cool i will try it . it 's very interesting.
very cool. might try. 5/5
no. dont' "might", Do.
what? i might.
DO IT!!!
ok, now i just need to find a nut that'll fit my camera.
just take a camera to the hardware store and test different nuts or bolts, that's what I did
ok. do you know how to make it longer?
What do you mean?
the tripod. it's too short, it needs to be a little longer.
I'VE GOT IT!!!! Wrap it in 10 strips bacon, then put in your closet for a week. and when you take it out it will have gotten linger by 2 feet! I tried it, It works!!
wow, that is crazy.
I know, right?
ya, people say that a lot
what, My Bacon thing?
no, i know right. they say i know right a lot.
Is that bad?
no, but it's starting to get annoying.
deal with it.
uh, now what?
now You Do the fricking bacon thing!!!
DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
uh, thanks for the idea, but i'll try this other idea i have.
what is it?
i'll find a long tube that's tight enough so that it will hold the ball without anything inside the tube, but loose enough so that it can move freely without too much resistence. I can probably find somthing like that.
but then the ball will probably fall through though
maybe. if it doesn't work i can fill it with card board or something.
ok. but, just sayin', that would be a lot of cardboard circles
true, but i think i can find some.
ok then
well, ok.
well you could try making turning it into something like a monopod? Should be fairly simple to stick this on top of a pvc pipe or something similar.
extend it?
yea don't might, do :) that sounds like a pretty good slogan
Thanks. if you use just be sure to give me credit.
I just made one of these for my brother. we're doing $15 an under this christmas. it works really well. i used tennis balls and a raquetball tube - tight fit. i might add some weight to the bottom of the tube to stablize it some more. any suggestions?
how about putting something like modelling clay around the inside bottom rim? the ball isn't going to touch this space anyway, so might as well make use of it.
Whoa that was fast. Thank you for the comments guys.
Whoa! That is awesome!!!!

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