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Whiteboards are great for brain storming and thinking. I've always wanted a whiteboard. A glass one seemed like an easy fix, but clear would be hard to see, and I didn't know where to find an appropriately sized piece of glass. When I saw the coupons in the Sunday paper for Joann's and Michael's, this idea came to me. This one is big enough to be usable, but still light and portable.

This would be a great gift for anyone you know that likes to tinker or write/draw out their thoughts. The frame makes it acceptable to hang in plain view of everyone, or to put on an easel.

Be careful with it...you don't want to break the glass.

Make an Over the Door Easel to use with it!

Step 1: Supplies

All you need for your 30 second white board is a glass faced picture frame. A piece of white poster board is optional.

My frame is 20x28 inches. After the 50% off coupon I used, it only cost me $10.

Ikea would be a great place to look for picture frames for this.

You'll also need wet or dry erase markers to use it. If you're a lefty like me, you'll want wet erase markers so that what you write doesn't smudge under your hand.

Step 2: Make It White!

While a picture frame alone would work as a dry/wet erase board, I wanted mine to be white. If your frame is brand new, simply flip the included paper over, and use the white back. If it's not new cut a piece of poster board to fit the frame and put it in. While my frame was new, I could still see a few lines from the paper, so I used poster board anyways.

Once this is done, you've got a brand new whiteboard!

If you want to use this as a calendar, or something similar, you could print or write on the poster board underneath. This way it will never be erased and always be visible.



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    this could also work as a mini version with an old cd case. Plus you can write on the different flaps of the plastic

    Your post is genius and eerily timely. I am having a party this weekend and wanted a large white board for one of our games. I've been debating purchasing one but am now inspired to make my own!

    The great thing about this is that besides plain white, you can put in some lined paper or graph paper or something like that, or even a printed out spreadsheet, a map, a chess board, ...fantastic!

    That alone is worthy of an instructable. Great idea.

    I never thought about a map, that'd be perfect.

    I bought four used 8 by 10 frames and painted the frames red. In place of a picture, I inserted black paper. I then used neon dry erase markers to write the classroom rules. The words are bold and fun to look at when anyone walks into the room.

    This works great. I used a $6.00 frame (22x28) from The Salvation Army Store.

    You can also go to home depot, and pick up some white shower wall liner. My mom did that for her classroom, and it worked quite nicely. This looks nicer, though, and seems far faster and more portable. I would never have thought of using glass. Neat idea.

    Ditto to that.  For the same price as this you can have a 4 foot x 8 foot white board with shower board!  Now your office wall is like a VERY expensive white board, just a little harder to get super-clean.  This has served me well.

    Thanks! If you liked it, i'd appreciate a vote.