I built this soapbox to compete in the 2010 'Hotrod Hayride' soapbox derby where we were beaten in the semi-final and later in the same year at Goodwood where we only made it to the quarter finals but won the trophy for best cart and also for most money raised for charity.  It is built from Walnut, Ash and Ash veneered plywood.  I used 16 inch BMX wheels with the all important white-wall tyres.  It has a single disc brake with miniature track rod ends and a formula Ford steering wheel.  Photo of latest version now uploaded.
I made one of a 55 ford customeline
Any photos?
ya im trying to put them up but my computer wont let me im going to try a different program
<p>Hi how to we purchase the plans? (FYI dont sign up to this site thinking it gives you access to the plans it doesnt)</p>
G'day Peter Vivian . Are the plans still available. I got on to this site &amp; I still can't get it. <br>Can I get the plans by mail ?
Hi Peter.<br>I bought the plans off you a while back... I finally got it finished in time for my little brother to race in the Art Deco weekend soapbox derby here in Napier, New Zealand. It went well on debut so hopefully next year with a few tweaks we can take it out!
<p>Good afternoon Peter Vivian!</p><p>I am Juliana Pickler Nurse CAPS I (Psychosocial Care Center), North Arm, Santa Catarina.</p><p>I have a patient named Ronaldo who much admired their work, and would like to share information and loved his work on the car expecifico 32 Sedan platform and would like to know about the design of it, because here in the region is not cultural and would make and also publicize the work.</p><p>I await answer!</p><p>nurse Juliana</p><p>E-mail: val-cascata@hotmail.com</p>
<p>I've just joined this website but I'm unable to see where I Find the PDF with the instructions. If there is no instruction what am i paying for.</p>
<p>do your plans show how to make that grill</p>
Hi Lee thanks for your enquiry, the plans do show how to make the grille however the guy that did the CAD drawings didn't get the shape quite right so the build up photos which are included with the plans show the correct shape. I hope this helps<br><br>All the best Peter
Are the plans still available ?
hello peter <br>I write from argetina. <br>and love your wooden cars and would like to try to give one to my nephews. <br>can send to my mail some more photos and measurements thereof. <br>thanks <br>mario <br>mioffreda@hotmail.com
Are there plans available for this car? I went to ebay but the listing is down.
thank you pete i just went on ebay and bought the ones from there how does the plans from ebay come? does it come like a book or what <br>thanks scott <br>
hello pete i would like to buy the plans for the 32 sedan soap box how do i get then for 25 pound <br>thanks <br>scott
Hi Scott plans are sent by email payment via Paypal the address for which is petervivian5@gmail.com the chassis is pretty straightforward the instructions tell you how and the photos show you. There are 2 chassis plans supplied, the original hand drawn version and the CAD ones I had made.<br><br>All the best<br><br>Pete
hello my name is scott and i absolutely love the 32 ford soapbox cart i am looking to build one for myself but the chassis seems to be quit difficult, is there any tips or pointers u can give me on home to build the chassis from scratch or cn i buy one ???? <br>thank you <br>scott <br>
This is bitchin!! You could make a fiberglass body and sell them, from the comments i think people will buy!
Hi, thanks for your positive comments, yeah I've been thinking about it but not got any prices yet, I guess the bodies might be suitable for tot rods or pedal cars too.
Pete how do you make the shell around the grill ? <br> <br>Thanks <br> <br> <br>Steve <br>PS This is stunning project :)
Hi Steve<br><br>3 blocks of wood lap jointed and carved to shape.
up to what age would kids fit in this model? :)
Up to 53 (see photo) 6 feet 9 inches an 17 stone
up to what age would kids fit in this model? :)
hi. are the plans still available?
Hi yes the plans for the sedan (number 55) they are on ebay for &pound;30 but for instructables they are &pound;25 payable via Paypal the address for which is petervivian5@gmail.com Thanks foir your interest
Coming soon plans for a 'T' bucket soapbox with exposed wooden flathead supercharged 'engine'
Hallo Peter, <br> <br>Are plans for the T bucket already available ? Priced as your 32 Sedan one ? <br> <br>Kind regards <br> <br>Lucas van Dobben
Hi Pete, <br> <br>Thank you for your prompt reply. Please inform when plans are available.. <br> <br>Regards, <br> <br>Lucas
Hi Lucas<br><br>sorry not ready yet as the prototype is still being built. The photo is up to date so still a way to go yet.<br><br>All the best<br><br>Pete
latest photo of 'T' bucket
This is an absolutely stunning little car. Well done.<br>I'm thinking about making one of these, and am curious as to what type of steering mechanism you used in this one. If you could tell me it'd be a great help.<br>Well done again on a great car.
Hi thanks for the comments. The steering was pretty basic on the first 3 carts, I have attached a couple of photos. I am planning something a bit more advanced for the next one (a 'T' bucket with an exposed supercharged flathead V8 in wood) based on an idea I saw on another cart using gears from a hand drill. Best of luck with your project let me know how it goes
How do you get a set of plans for this car! Wow!
Hi plans are available on ebay for &pound;30 but Instructable members can buy them direct for &pound;25, payment via Paypal to petervivian5@gmail.com. For this you will receive PDF files of the CAD drawings that you will need to get printed at your local print'n copy shop. You will also receive a word document containing the instructions and a link to the online photo album of the build-up including a 'sketch page' of hints and tips for steering brakes and running gear. Thanks for your interest.
Thanks very much for all the kind comments, I like your cart ozy1970. Sorry it wasn't much of an instructable it was my first. Building another virtually identical for a customer, I have taken photos at every stage plus I am going to produce a set of plans. I also have an order for another 20% larger but roadster body and another identical to the prototype, so looks like I might be quite busy for a while! <br> <br>All the best <br> <br>Pete
awesome, you will publish the plans?<br>i want to make one, but made of steel, and a small electric motor to escort a longboard group.
Hi I am just about to build another because I've seen a complete 16 inch electric wheel conversion on ebay for &pound;85 just need a 12 volt battery.
FYI plans for the sedn (55) now available. <br> <br>All the best <br> <br>Pete
Awesome, where can i buy the plans?<br><br>Oldmar
great, where i can see the plans?<br>thanks.
Plans for the chassis and body have been produced in Autocad and will be supplied as a PDF via email which can be printed out full size by a local High Street print 'n copy shop. The instructions are a Word document also supplied as an email attachment. Step by step photos of the build-up are available as an online album. Details of steering, axles brakes are supplied as a 'sketch page' showing a couple of versions as most people will have their own ideas/skills for this part of the build. <br> <br>The BIN price on ebay is &pound;30 but if anyone in the Instructables community would like a copy the price would be reduced to &pound;25 <br> <br>Thanks for your interest <br> <br>Pete
great looking 32 sedan read an article about it today in a newspaper in australia. And have googled you. awesome detail would love to buy your plans can,t find them on ebay would you have an item no. <br> <br>regards Phil
As I mentioned previously the plans are available on ebay (300602900721) <br>for &pound;30 but for all you instructablers out there the price is &pound;25. Thanks very much for your interest and compliments.
Won the soapbox derby at the Hotrod Hayride last weekend 1st prize was &pound;900 worth of carburettors, Result!
Your attention to detail is stunning, great job. Do you know where one might locate a spec sheet, or blueprint that contains the true dimensions of a 32 body?
Hi sorry I meant to reply earlier, I found a line drawing of a '32 chassis on Google images which I scaled up for the soapbox albeit much modified. Unfortunately they didn't have any dimensions, you might be luckier and find others that do. Another useful source of info for the soapbox were from a '32 coupe 1/24 scale plastic kit. Also just found this on ebay, Item number: 270738410808 <br> <br>All the best <br> <br>Pete
That car is a work of art. And the last pix looked even better. I, seeing that I'm a VW enthusiast, will attempt to create, from wood, in miniature, a VW Bug. Wish me luck as I have never created anything out of wood.
Bobcorps best of luck with this one, I had an enquiry about building a camper van which is a bit easier than what your planning to do. Let me know how you get on and post some pics too. Flexi-ply is very useful it will rollup into a 4&quot; tube if necessary, might help you with this

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