32 Sedan Soapbox





Introduction: 32 Sedan Soapbox

I built this soapbox to compete in the 2010 'Hotrod Hayride' soapbox derby where we were beaten in the semi-final and later in the same year at Goodwood where we only made it to the quarter finals but won the trophy for best cart and also for most money raised for charity.  It is built from Walnut, Ash and Ash veneered plywood.  I used 16 inch BMX wheels with the all important white-wall tyres.  It has a single disc brake with miniature track rod ends and a formula Ford steering wheel.  Photo of latest version now uploaded.

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I made one of a 55 ford customeline


ya im trying to put them up but my computer wont let me im going to try a different program

I sent $32.67 to that email address through PayPal about a week ago and I still haven't received anything yet. What is taking so long.

My email address is kswanner14@yahoo.com

Gidday mate, just wondering whether you were still selling the plans for this cart?
I'd love to buy a set to make my little fella.

hi Jake thanks for your enquiry, plans are available for the sedan (number 55) they are sent by email the price is £25 GBP payment is via PayPal the address for which is petervivian5@gmail.com. You will also receive the instructions plus the link to the online album containing photos of the build-up of the first production cart

All the best


hello pete i would like to buy the plans for the 32 sedan soap box how do i get then for 25 pound

Hi Scott plans are sent by email payment via Paypal the address for which is petervivian5@gmail.com the chassis is pretty straightforward the instructions tell you how and the photos show you. There are 2 chassis plans supplied, the original hand drawn version and the CAD ones I had made.

All the best


Hey, i want to build this fine soapbox car. Cann you send me the plan / blueprint incl. the details of this nice car? Is it the same price and is this the same paypal account? Greatings from Thorsten from Germany.
Sorry my english is so bad, i hope you know what i want from you. ;)

Hiya Peter, I love the 55 sedan and want to build it for my son and was wondering if you could send me the link for me to purchase the plans on ebay as i cant find them and do you sell any of the parts i would need for the front steering kit or the front axle rod? If you can send me any info at all, i would really appreciate it. My email is michaelsaccomando@gmail.com. Thanks