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Introduction: 35mm Film Bag

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Historically, 35mm film was made of triacetate, but newer film is made of mylar. This newer film is surprisingly durable, and can be pieced together to construct handbags and tote bags in a variety of sizes and shapes. The steps that follow document the construction of a medium-sized tote bag, but you can vary the measurements to make any type of bag you'd like.

Also check out the photos-only 'ible of this super cool bag!

Step 1: You'll Need. . .

Step 2: Cutting Strips and Piecing

To construct this bag, the following strips of film are needed:
  • 14 strips 12" long (7 per side)
  • 2 strips 12" long (for the handles)
  • 2 strips 26" long (for the sides and the bottom)
  1. Begin by threading your needle and overlapping the sprockets of two of the 12" strips
  2. Stitch through the sprockets to hold the two strips together (an up-and-down type stitch is suggested)
  3. Add another strip overlapping one of the two existing strips and sew through the sprockets to connect the strips
  4. Continue until you have affixed 7 strips to each other to form a sheet of film
  5. Repeat with the other 7 12" strips
  6. Fold up approximately an inch of each side of each of the two sheets so that the cut ends are not exposed

Step 3: Sides, Bottom, and Handles

  1. Overlap the edges of the 26" long pieces and sew through the sprockets to connect them to one another (an up-and-down type stitch is suggested)
  2. Align the cut edge of the side piece with one of the sheets and sew through to connect them (an over-hand stitch is suggested)
  3. Continue around the bottom edge sewing through the sprockets before sewing up the third side
  4. Repeat to affix the second sheet to the side/bottom pieces
  5. Position the remaining 12" pieces where you would like your handles and sew to secure them to the bag (an up-and-down type stitch is suggested)
  6. Show off your awesome new bag!



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I wish I'd seen this earlier today. I was at an estate sale where they had some 8mm home movies going for a song. That would work just as well, yes? (Assuming it's the same material).

I'm not positive if it is the same, since it depends a lot on when the film is from, but it would certainly make for a pretty cool project! Sorry you missed the opportunity to pick up those films!

i work at a movie theater where we have lots of extra film normally. we dont have any right now, but in april we're gonna have more, so i thinking about making a belt by putting them on top of each other, instead of sewing them next to each other.

Get some bright white leader and put a few layers under the top piece to make the image show. You'll have to find a particularly light scene to make this work since you won't have any light passing through the film. I used to make a series of bowls from movie film and found that scenes with lots of sky or flames and explosions work well.

You'll also probably need an army or boy scout type buckle with a sliding clamp since the film would probably tear immediately with a traditional buckle.

Good luck, and don't forget to post!

Thanks for the fantastic Instructable! I've recently used it too make this bag for my girlfriend. Oh, and apologies for the dirty floor in the photograph...


i want to make a wallet out of this and where did you get the film