Introduction: 3D Milling a Hawaiian Island on My Shapeoko 2 CNC

I wanted to try out some 3D milling to see what the Shapeoko 2 was capable of (even though I'd seen examples). This was really just for my own learning, but the outcome was pretty cool.


colinstl (author)2014-03-18

Can you make an instructable on how you capture and edit your video? Great work.

WinstonMakes (author)colinstl2014-03-20

I have a couple projects in queue, but I sure can. What parts are you interested in? Setting up timelapses, my workflow capturing footage on my computer, editing methodology, etc?

colinstl (author)WinstonMakes2014-03-20

Yes, haha. I'd like to capture what I'm doing on my computer plus footage from my build then put it together in a nice video.

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