During my stay as an Artist in Residence at Instructables I was able to witness firsthand how awesome 3D printing can be.  I was surprised how exciting it was, because I had never used any 3D design programs or seen a 3D printer in action.  There's a certain thrill about pulling your creation out of the printer for cleaning and seeing it exactly as you had designed it on the computer.  One thing I found especially exciting about 3D printing is the ability to print movable parts and joints without any assembly required after they are printed.

Therefore, it was a goal of mine to 3D print something before I left the Pier.   I didn't end up doing this project until my last day because I was occupied with my main project, but that didn't make it any less exciting.

This Instructable will show how I 3D printed a modular series of ball and socket joints.  It has no practical use in its present form, but it is fun to play with!  The concept itself could be applied to a range of awesome projects in the future.

Link to the *.123dx model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qwp8jvsp9kni7sr/ball%20and%20socket.123dx
Link to the *.stl model: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8i03tu7jw7yay8z/ball%20and%20socket.stl

Step 1: Video!

I'm not seeing the .stl file, am I missing something? Nice job.
I uploaded them along with the pictures, so it should be an attached file. I couldn't find them myself when looking at the Instructable, so I'll look for a different method of uploading them.. Thanks for pointing that out!
<p>Any luck uploading that .stl file? I still can't find it on the instructable. Thanks.</p>
I added some links to the intro. Thanks for the reminder I hope those work for you.
With a little modification, this would be a great addition to the art doll accessories. You could use these as armatures to build your art doll around and have good flexibility for posing etc
That's a very good point! These could easily form a sort of skeleton. However, it would need to be modeled with closer tolerances to allow for pose-ability..
Really neat model! I used the 123D Design iPad app to make a model yesterday. It is so simple yet so powerful! That is what I really like about the 123D CAD software.
Thank you! 123D Design is pretty awesome. I had never touched a 3D design program before but was able to pick it up quickly!
That's great! Those who are part of the instructables community are always quick to pick things up! Are you going to continue 3D modeling and printing?
One thing I learned about 3D printing is that even though it's awesome, it can take a few prints to get things perfect. Without having access to a 3D printer now, I'd have to buy my prints through Shapeways or elsewhere, and then they might not be perfect when I get them.. So no, sadly. <br><br>I may use those services for specific parts that I can't make any other way, but money is always a constraint when I'm making projects at home.. 3D printing isn't cheap, and neither is college hahh..

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