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101036 months ago

the flamethrower is cool

Great instructables!

fozzy13 (author)  BartholomewH1 year ago
Thank you!! I appreciate you taking the time to check out my projects.

Thank you for all you create

Nice profile! I can't wait to see what you make next:D Thanks for sharing with the community!

fozzy13 (author)  KyleTheCreator2 years ago
Thank you! And no problem. I love being part of the community here.
nerd74732 years ago

congratulations on making the artist in residence

fozzy13 (author)  nerd74732 years ago
Thank you! I was really excited when I saw it. I miss being an AiR.

how do you become an artist in residence?

fozzy13 (author)  nerd74732 years ago

There's a simple application process!


Sam DeRose2 years ago

hey man! congrats on the front page spread!!

fozzy13 (author)  Sam DeRose2 years ago
Thank you Sam! I was incredibly excited when I first saw it! I hope everything is going well on the west coast. I wish I was there.
Dr. Cool8 years ago
Hello Fozzy13,
And welcome to www.Instructables.com!

I'm Dr. Cool, but you can call me Alex. I have been to Instructables for quite some time now, and I know my way around pretty well. My job is to make sure you know how to navigate around Instructables.

Unlike the "Instructables Robot" I can personally answer all of your questions. So don't be afraid to ask! The people here are both nice and friendly so you can pretty much ask anyone for help.

I recommend you take a look at this Instructable it has ALL of the information you need to be a Instructables Pro! And remember if you need anything I am just a click away!

Your Friend,

Doc Cool
fozzy13 (author)  Dr. Cool8 years ago
Hey, thanks I wont hesitate to ask you for something if I need it. I've actually been here for a long time, learning how to do things but have just joined now. Glad to be here thanks!
Okay, Great! Doc