Report in position! Captain Phasma is leading a wave of attack on the resistance!

The resistance is no piece of cake! First Order needs to get some more troopers to join our fight!

Inspired by Autodesk's tinkerplay and my background of legos the bionicles(leave a comment if you had one), this instructable will show you how to create any custom action figure with the help of tinkerplay! i am also giving away the 3d model for a limited time! Its christmas and newyear! I have a thing for action figure and ball and socket joints! Growing up with bandai models and lego, the simplicity of assembly and creation fasin ates me! no need to screw and unscrew things all the time. i tried traditional sculpting before, here is my CAD attempt!!

Download the file and print it yourself!! (see in step 7)
Hope you enjoy this instructable and learn sth from it. Follow my journey and Create your own action figure with realistic articulations.

i am making this action figure as a christmas present for my lovely girlfriend Susie from @Mariko Susie for her toy photography! I want to make her a decent figure to photograph! What better than the reboot of sci fi classic StarWars! I like the new trooper design very much from the first teaser. Pls vote for me in the sci fi contest this year! Means alot if you would Leave a comment and favorite,if you like my work!

Step 1: Mastering TinkerPlay in 10 Minutes!

To start off, Tinkerplay is my dream toy printing software! Autodesk launched it earlier this year, i am thrilled to try it out as a 3d printing lover.

The User Interface(UI) is designed to be intuitive, simple for children and Parents alike, Available on iOS, android and windows store! I tried thee android app on the phone, but i prefer using my laptop more. The app is so easy to use it doesn't even starts with a tutorial! Providing 10 character templates with unique limbs and body parts jointed by ball joints. Choose one, and a guided building process will be initiated. the program has interactive environment, parts coustomization, inverse kinematics and copy&paste option as shown in my video.super user friendly!

The building process is strictly drag and drop. beyond templates, user are encourage to mix and match parts as they are accessible in 2 catalogs, both 1) parts from specific character and 2) parts from the same body parts. Feel free to checkout my video demo if you are interested!

Press print and you will see the estimated sizes and weight, since they are general indicator of price. Order it on 3D hubs, or export print files for Makerbot Ultimator, Dremel, Autodesk. You can retrieve the file from browser download (very slow), signing in your googledrive (reasonably fast) or like myself, export to computer (best for me). Exporting to hard disk maybe exclusive to window 8 computers for now, which is why i am using the windows version.

The .STL will be zipped in the desired directory. unzip and load it in blender place them in the way to fit your printer! i fitted mine to the UPBOX in my university library. I am printing this skeleton for testing the printer and the print file. i am transitioning to Maya! hope to be a pro Mayan sooner too!

After printing, I cleaned all the raft and support with pliers, assembled it, and had a bit of fun with it. The ball joints are remarkably well-articulated, with reasonable friction. it can do some tough poses like one-leg-stand. The small imperfection of the print quality doesn't seem to affect the functionality too much! only the spine joint is relatively loose, still it locks in place well. this motivates me to work on the mod! (modifying)

<p>You should paint it silver and give it a cape.</p>
good idea!!, do you have time to try it out?
Please do galen marek.... Please reply.
Familiar with this character, i am not.... but sounds cool! I found an in game model<br> http://tf3dm.com/3d-model/star-wars-tfu-starkiller-clone-wars-82798.html <br>There a few nice ibles about turning existing 3d model into print ready, you can also use my provided armature to articulate it! Feel free ask ask furtjer question!
<p>This is awesome, dude.</p>
Thank you man!! i tried my best!!
<p>For this model, I added some black pieces to cover up the thin bones, but I may rework these in some glued-together sections of black elastic craft cord for increased flexibility. I also reduced the length of the neck piece. I had to split the lower leg pieces to fit the bones properly.</p>
wow looks so col with the bacg ground too! so maybe i can widen the ankle part by a bit, i was lucky that mine fits... super awesome build!! thx for the passion!! and sorry for the troubles... you help the community to improve this ible!! salut you!!
<p>mchau2, very high tech for me but would like to try a 3D printer some day. Very good videos and great work on your instructions. Your Storm Trooper would make a great gift or even a good collectible. Keep printing!</p>
i tried to give as much documentayion as i could!
Great job
<p>Thx again!! i checked out your profile! I am not American, but thank you for your service!! its so cool!! my goal is to be the change i wanna see in the world, not as much as setting example, but sth like that!!</p>
wow i am so flattered!! you are so kind! and hey 3d is coming in hot! love to see your go at it! my gf love this figure as a toy photographer!
<p>This is such an awesome instructable!!! Great work and perseverance. I want to print your action figure but every time I click on one of the files, it opens op in the browser. is their a special way to download it?</p>
thank you Francois, i did my best at the time haha! still rooms of improvement... maybe you can try downloading it on the phone or other device? i just tried downloading on android with the instructable app, works fine, let me know! maybe i am uplooading new version soon... look forward to hear from you.
Hi. Your correct it downloads fine in the app. Thank you good sir.
my pleasure to help out a fellow Instructabler... cheers! good luck on your print!
<p>Hello, </p><p>Nice work! But I can't open it on repetier... Error &quot;This object is not manifold...&quot;</p><p>Someone got this problem?</p><p>Config: Repetier 1.6.0 on Ubuntu 14.04</p>
i didnt have this problem... manifold is the more ideal type of mesh, sth theoretical like no triangle, all faces are planal... i suspect its the procedural bone generation...
<p>I process the file 2 times (!) with netfabb (</p><p>https://netfabb.azurewebsites.net/) and I load it now... </p><p>Let's print!</p>
i never knew microsoft has such a service!! thanks for the update! do you mind to keep us posted by your situation? if it works, i might add your tips to the -ible...
<p>Hey The Stormtrooper looks great. But can you break the files down to smaller parts. Smaller printers can't handle that print area. </p>
<p>Thanks I can wait to print it out for my nephew</p>
thx for understandibg! hope i wobt kept your nephew waiting too long!!
good point! quite a number of you requested this feature... i will upload it asap!
<p>Beautiful work. I can not get the model to show up on the platform on ReplicatorG. Any ideas?</p>
i would have throwin more details in the geometry if the printer i used was capable!
i have not try many brands of printer.. it may be the manifold problem some one raised... let me see
<p>Your &quot;Aramature&quot; File is corrupted...</p>
i will check it asap..
<p>I'll make a 1:6 scale of this and see about putting something rubber between the joints. Would be a nice thing to have next to my 1:6 Arc Trooper.</p>
<p>Sounds great!! The rubber thing, i look forward to it!!</p><p>Please share some pics of your build!! we would love to see it!!</p>
<p>Very well done.... thank you for the time to make and share this interesting Instructable! </p>
<p>Hey you are welcome!! glad that my work inspire people!!</p>
<p>*traitor intensifies*</p>
<p>I haven't watch the movie yet!! i will wait till i can watch it with my GF</p>
Love it! but was wondering do you think Disney might try to come after you ? I hear they are uber copyright Nazi's I heard stories about them suing pinata companies for making pinata's in Disney characters shapes..
<p>Wow i think i should be off the hook... if i am in trouble, all RPF members are in danger? </p>
<p>He's not selling it. What money would they be coming after him for?</p>
I've been thinking of purchasing a 3D printer for my son. How complicated and expensive of a hobby is this? He is only 9 but I know he would love to learn how to do this with my help of course.
<p>There are many options for printers and while many might recommend an inexpensive printer, I recommend SeeMeCNC's Rostock Max v2 DIY kit. It's a grand, but really offers the most for the money and the kit is complete. Just buy a few rolls of plastic and you're off to the races!</p>
i understand its a bit of an investment to buy your own printer! there are free consumer products for creating 3d models! Autodesk made a wide collections of begginer softwares for every kid to be excited about! like tinkerplay! there are tons of resources on instructable! feel freee to checkout some more here! the community including me is more than glad to help!
The tinkerplay looks perfect for him! Do you know a good printer that's budget friendlier and easy to start with?
<p>XYZ Davinci sold thru Amazon and other places.</p>
one can progress into paid software like maya or 3dmax for more advance modeling! blender is free and get the job done! the operating cost is usually the filament only. another cpol thing is to look out for free models on rpf also!
<p>I printed this a bit smaller than yours on an infinia (scaled x20 from the original stl file)<br>It turned out surprisingly well, I'll post pictures once I have it assembled. I just have a question about how you supported the stomach and codpiece on the skeleton. Can the stomach section remain unsupported if the codpiece is glued to the hipbones? If it's not too much trouble would you be able to post a couple more pictures about how you assembled those two sections?</p>
thx for trying out the print!! I can't wait to see your build!! I am very touched by your support!! I added foam in the codpiece to hot glued the hip bone, keep it firm! as for the belly one, I let it loose... completely detachable... the calf and the forearm might be a little tight where they joins the palms and feet, its kinda intentional to keep the bone in place! hope it doesn't cost much trouble on a scale down print!!
<p>Cura scales the STLs as if they are in meter units (x1000) which seems about right, though the trooper file is then 230mm on an axis which is large for most.</p><p>STLs don't have a unit associated with them, which is why there is this scale problem. They only store triangles and its up to the software to decide what the numbers mean. Usually STLs should be saved in mm units.</p>
thx! this is what I was not sure about! there is this scale option when I try to export it in blender!
<p>Usually when I model in Blender I don't use the units option, it forces weird scaling which might be why this is in meters units. Leave it in Blender units and when drawing &quot;1&quot; is a mm. So a 20x20x20 cube is 20mm. When you save, don't adjust the scaling and it will save it as mm.</p>

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