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mchau2 (author) 20 hours ago


PLease check out my and my GF's non-profit craft project about watchdogs 2!!!

donation reward starts at 5 USD!!

mchau2 (author) 6 months ago

Piday hehe...

mchau2 (author) 6 months ago

Feel free to check out our shapeways store!


mchau2 (author) 6 months ago

old sculpture i did with paper clay

alansartlog8 months ago

I found it anyways but your youtube link doesn't work. You have an extra http part.

mchau2 (author)  alansartlog8 months ago
Oh really? There was a nice account told me about disconnecting google+ account and setup custom url... but i find myself craft all the t8 me instead of fixing the link everytime... sorry for the trouble! And thank yo7 for being interested in my artworks! If you are 9nterested,i post my progress on 8nstagram @twitte_king mpre regularly
I think you can setup a custom url without disconnecting if you want to.

You're still missing a colon now after http. Add that and it should work. You probably pasted it right beforehand, but I've had this happen before, instructables will add an extra http for some reason.

I don't have an instagram but I'll see if I can get the RSS feed for it.

So you live in Hong Kong and I live in pudong, Shanghai,cool


wait, how do you post youtube stuff? VPN?

simply click upload...

Your YouTube link for your profile seems to be broken, might just be me, but it might still be worth a look.

mchau2 (author)  TrollFaceTheMan2 years ago
really? the link is broken... you can watch the embedded link n instructable? thx any way saw you response on youtube too.

The link appears to be broken in your Bio that says "Website: check out my youtube channel" I am not referring to your videos. When I had clicked on the link to be redirected to your YouTube channel, it said it could not be found...

Link.PNGLink 2.PNG

I know what the Issue is though, you have the Linked URL as being: "http://https//www.youtube.com/user/twitte0king"

The problem is your channel URL actually is "https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkhLAHasHAD636mVM...

Putting your Username at the end of the a YouTube URL only works, after you have set up a custom URL...

That's why some people like me can Put "www.YouTube.com/TrollFaceTheMan" Only because I already set mine up.

If you want to create a URL like "www.YouTube.com/twitte0king" instead of it just being a bunch of random numbers and letters, you will have to first temporally disassociate you Google+, which is fairly simple.