Using lego and a few custom components a 3D printer for chocolate is possible. I did this project a long time ago so the documentation is incomplete, but hopefully it will inspire someone to rebuild it and fill in the blanks.

Step 1: Make a Chocolate Extruder.

These were my first rough plans for a chocolate extruder. Powdered chocolate into a heated barrel, lego worm screws as the slurry pump through an ejection nozzle.
<p><strong>Made it!</strong></p><p>Used my LEGO 3D printer (<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/LEGO-3d-Printer/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/LEGO-3d-Printer/</a>)</p><p>Replaced the extruder with a chocolate extruder.</p>
<p>Hello! We love Lego's and we also have a small chocolate business. I'd love to discuss a collaborative project. Contact me. linda@chocologyunlimited.com</p>
Ok this is pretty genius, but what about 3D objects? Does the chocolate stay hot for too long? How about a cooling fan after the drip nozzle? Ultimately I think printing a chocolate bunny would be the benchmark for this awesome machine.
<p>a year ago i know but..... pressurize the chocolate rater than melt it? i remember seeing a cool idea ages ago about putting chocolate through a plastic injection molding machine... the result chocolate is fluid a high pressure but sets quick. this was an idea to aid chocolate manufacture and de-molding times but might work in a 3d printer :)</p>
<p>i work with chocolate quite a bit and pressurized chocolate would be perfect for that.</p>
<p>hhmmmm, i feel my cnc router/plasma cutter project taking a side step. I think i can make a safe machine that can cut both metal and plastic with out setting the place on fire but the chocolate might have a few chips in it.....</p>
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Can you add a parts list?
other option: <a href="http://www.maxiwatt.com/eng/durawatt.php" rel="nofollow">http://www.maxiwatt.com/eng/durawatt.php</a>
Show me the Money!!! (ie- tasty chocolate results!)
what does it do?<br><br>If someone makes a chocolate printer, You would think they had an example.<br>Maybe&quot; Step 10 - Lets build some chocolate stuff!&quot; is not finished?
haha, i was just using my labs 3d printer and then saw this article so i figured i'd give it a read :) support material would be hard to do for this one :( i use a special type of plastic that desolves in a special acid bath and leaves the structural material behind :)
Hey there,<br><br>I would love to see your project in the 3D print group I have just started!!!!<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/group/3Dprint/
u should add a vid to show how it works
omg - smh - pfa (pretty friggin awesome) - this is sweeeeeet!
Great Instructable - well done! For those who are interested beyond lego, head to Makerbot Industries for a frosting extruder and RepRap for a plastic extruder to bolt onto this lego design. I'm going to put this extruder on my cnc project!!!!!
this seems to be a lego version of the bag extruder that all bakers use
the new Nxt is out so you cound make vary good chocolate sculptures
ESPECIALLY since is has 1 degree accurate servos!
can someone help me
You win. I'm not going to build it, because i am too lazy to do so, but it is awesomely cool that you did.
100% pure win. Yum, This is my summer project.
A few points:<br>- A PID controller strikes me as overkill for the heating control, but if you have one ready on hand it works.<br>- This should work well with wax or other low melting point materials instead of chocolate.<br>- A second nozzle laying down powdered sugar filler between the chocolate could allow more flexible designs.
Omg u should submit this to Lego magazine and see if they'll let an adults cool creation be entered! :)
did i miss the wiring step of the CNC motors? <br>or was it manual not using any motors in the X Y axis?<br>( in the video it looks like a cnc)
isn't the frame work that znaps stuff?, iv'e got some somewhere... im planning on using an old hp printer and exchanging the ink for a feeding chamber for the stuff that will print out the 3d model, not sure what yet maybe sugar or something...
worth the try, we all have old printers sitting there doing nothing,<br>but i worry about the programing?! <br>any idea?? even to be used in CNC???
Awsome- great job. I liked the comment idea of a lego printer that prints legos hahaha. GJ
wat is this supposed to do? make shapes of chocoalate?
Siiiiiigh. I am way too young to be out of it. When I read the title i thought you were going to be printing ON chocolate. Like for eating. I really felt stupid when I realized what was actually happening here.
If you just want to print on food, cake shops do it all the time, they used printers that are retrofitted to dispense food coloring. Somone should figure out how they do that and make an instructable on it.
same kinda pissed it isnt actually
You're disappointed that you thought it was to print ON chocolate as opposed to printing a 3D chocolate object? Printing on is thousands of times easier than what this guy did. This thing is only a step below a 3D prototype printer, but it's better because you can eat what comes out of this :D *drooooooooool* Now, if you can only convert this to use liquid polymers. You can make a lego machine that makes legos:)
&nbsp;You mean like a von newmann machine?
What was the chocolate recipe?
I think I am going to attempt this with NXT! *insert dramatic music*
oooooooOOOOOOoooohhhh, you should make that an instructable because i have the NXT but i don't have those weird archway pieces.
you mean "dramatic prairie dog music"
wouldn't be to much to substitute hot glue or plastic with a low melting temp for chocolate to make patterns for parts and things.
Wow....... I cant build this. Dont have everything. Great work.
err....what does it do?
it prints easy 3d chocolate things. 1)CAD your chocolate figure/shape/whatever 2)convert it for use with this printer 3)run the printer 4)eat your chocolate figure/shape/whatever
hey, I have a java program for the lejos java implementation of mindstorms. i wouldn't mind showing you it, it loads in a obj file and "When" i get my printer working <cough cough> it will print it out
i use lejos too.....
Great Idea.. not realize can use Lego. however noted unique part... the red arch like angle technic and the yellow technic beam is different. I tried finding some to buy... where did those come from (kit number or can you estimate part number)?
This is a great idea you have going here.

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