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Hello Saul,

Hope this finds you well. I was at last Friday’s event at Applied Materials where you spoke, and just wanted to say how much I appreciated it.
The day was great, full of all kinds of speakers, that shared good ideas and perspectives…
from the business world.

Being an implant from SF myself and still getting used to this Silicon Valley culture & mentality, what was missing from the long lineup of speakers was the blunt, clear call to action you made – with gusto, humor and your own personal flair. So enjoyable to witness, and I greatly appreciated the value it added at the end of a long day, especially right before everyone was to leave – the last thing they would remember, hopefully.

Thanks for all you do, keep it up and keep spreading the koolaid – often the most important part.

Shadan Mirabedi

Sustainability Program Manager, World Centric
mikeasaurus6 years ago
Great job at TED, would like to see more of your wind/kite electricity generation and the results.
Are you working on a bug in the picture there?
help.wanted8 years ago
hey i saw ur rly cool bike thing! i think it's amazing O: but i dont quite udnerstand how u did it...(im pretty dumb..) >_< if you're not too busy, would you care to explain to me??
Intersection10 years ago
Saul, Saw your piece on documenting project with a helmet cam. Two suggested improvements: 1) Instead of recording onto DV, record onto an Archos AV500 - it makes AVI files you can copy directly to your harddrive -- avoids capture time from tape. 2) Whenever you want to capture an image for documentation, cover the lens briefly with your hand and then point the camera at whatever you want your still frame of -- when you load the video into your video editing program, just go to the spots where the video went black and you'll know your image is just after that; you can comment on the audio too. If you are recording on a DV camera, the sony's allow you to save a still from the live feed, onto tape, then there is a feature on the remote that will go through and capture all stills to the memory stick - another nice way to get freeze frames of key points in your project. Cheers, Tim time-science.com