Picture of 3D printed Goldeneye 007 Remote Mine (With beeper + blinking LEDs)
Picture 25.png
The year is 1997. The game, Goldeneye 64. The weapon, The Remote Mine.

Hours and hours spent glued to your mom's TV with your friends, trying to say they were screen watching at 2am. Does this sound like the vast majority of your childhood? If so, please
read on!

If you have ever wanted your own Remote Mine prop from Goldeneye 007 now is your chance. This Instructable goes over all the details, bits, bobs, and parts you will need to create your own "working" prop that beeps, is magnetic, and blinks! I have created this instructable because I wanted to make something everyone could get their hands on. I had made a Remote Mine prop in the past, but one major flaw is that finding one key component is nearly impossible nowadays. To protect the aging Remote mine from going the way of the Dodo, I decided it was time to bring it up to speed in 2013, utilizing 3D printing technology. The following pages outline how to print your parts, where to get the electronics, and how to assemble the whole thing.

All the dimensions of the 3D model I used for printing were painstakingly (Ok, it wasn't THAT painful) translated from the Remote Mine prop I had originally made ( Which was created the same way as the real movie prop). So everything is just about as accurate to the movie prop as humanly possible.

If you want to print your own mine, but don't have any way to 3D print the parts, head over to my Shapeways page where you can purchase the parts there.

You can find the printable components for sale here:

If you find your still hungry for more, download the .ZIP file to gather up all the electronic files you will need to print the mine yourself (If you have access to a 3d printer), then head onto the next step.
jongscx2 years ago
...Take my money!!!
That is so awesome!
danm_daniel2 years ago
niiiice work
milkdud552 years ago
So sick it should be able to blow up though