4 Gb Steampunk USB Stick





Introduction: 4 Gb Steampunk USB Stick



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    Unfortunately I don't have any pictures of the inside. I'm thinking of making another one, witch I'll document better, but momentairly I don't have time because I'm renovating the house...If you have any questions please post them an I will try to answer. Thank you for the comments.

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    lol first time I've seen this typo/misnomer. witch -> magic practitioner; which -> interrogative pronoun/determiner

    My question is, how did you mount the drive inside the copper? You have really inspired me. I've heard the term "Steampunk" for years but only today did I really "Get it". I used to love the TV show Wild, Wild, West because of the technology, but never knew it had a name. Based on your design...I'm creating one of the old "Vacuum tube flash drives"...you know, like we had back in the 60s...LOL. I'd love any suggestions you could offer. I love fabrication but for some reason I'm stumped for a safe way to mount the drive into the housing.



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    This is an original design you got there. I don't think it would be that practical to carry it arond but it certainly looks awesome.

    As far as mounting the drive...I've used silicone to hold it in place. The silicone also protects the drive from heat as I soldered the las pieces of copper. I have two other instructables on USB steampunk that are better detailed then this one :



    I hope this helped and I am really curious to see the end result of your work.

    I've made a new instructable with this USB flash drive. I've explained there the making process by adding some new photos. I hope it will answer some questions. You can find the new instructable here : https://www.instructables.com/id/4Gb-Steampunk-USB-flash-drive/

    Gorgeous! I especially like that you wired (or aligned?) the activity LED with the crystal sphere.

    Did you take any pictures of the process as you dismantled the USB stick and built the new case around it? It'd be awesome to put together a real Instructable showing how you made it, in addition to this great slideshow.