This is just a quick follow up video of my completed drawer slide CNC machine.  The total cost for this was around $400.  It took a couple months just working on it when I had the time.  The stepper motors and driver board (TB6560) were ordered through eBay for $175.  

I would imagine that this general design could be enlarged with longer slides and could hold a full sized router.

The next step is to start working with creating some G code and figuring out the cut settings in Mach3.

Thanks for taking a look.  (I've posted several videos of the project as it has evolved.)
<p>Hello buddy, can i use 3.25Amp unipolar six wire stepper motor with TB6560 shield. Please replay fast its argent</p>
<p>Really nice videos Dan, and a very robust, simple, cheap, design. Have you considered putting together plans? The videos are easy enough to follow; but a set of plans that described everything in the latest version would be nice -- and worth a reasonable price.</p>
<p> I'm at loss .. this isn't an instructable ? </p>
<p>Hi I want to build a 4'x2' cnc table but I want to know which one is the right stepper motor size, I am planning to use a rotozip SCS 01, I check in several forums but cant find answers or somwbody using a rotozip </p>
You may have some problems with the Rotozip. I made this machine work for a short while with the small rotary tool shown in the video, but the bearings wouldn't hold up to much cutting. I redesigned the CNC to hold a regular-sized DeWalt router. If you check out the other videos I've posted they show the change over to the regular router. It wasn't a big deal and didn't cost much to swap over but it works much better and much more consistently. The stepper motors I used were the Nema 23s. Best of luck and thanks for taking a look and your comments.
What did you use for your stepper motor drivers?? Or are they not required? like the KL- 4030 Microstepping Driver. Which hooks up to the breaker board. Trying to figure out a rig for myself and not too acclimated with the technology yet. Thanks for the help. <br> <br>PS your machine is sweet!
S30z - Thanks for taking a look and for your comments. I've made a lot of changes to the machine since this ible was made. I swapped out the smaller Dremmel-like tool for a regular sized DeWalt router and had to change a few other things but the machine is pretty much the same design. The motors, driver board, and power supply were ordered on eBay for $175. The rest of the materials were found locally at hardware stores and my junk pile. More videos are at my YouTube channel at drez2001. Thanks again for taking a look.
manantais - Thanks for your comments. I've done some modifications to the machine - I swapped out the small rotary tool for a more standard router that can take a regular 1/4&quot; bit. I wanted more torque and lateral support. I had to change the gantry design a little, but it's still running on good old drawer slides. I need to post an update showing the revisions.
Hello,I just wanted to say that ,that is a great idea to use the drawer slides.I have been trying to gather up all the info I can to build my own cnc router and you have given me some great ideas.Thank you
sleeping - We'll see. I've started to do some test cuts and the spindle/rotary tool seems to be pretty solid. The way that it is attached to the drawer slide though I need to tighten up; there's a little bit of flex in the way that it is mounted. Thanks for your comments.
Wondering how that dremel is gonna do. I have heard they have problems handling the horizontal force placed on them, since they don't have a good bearing at the spindle end? Thanks for keeping us up on your project.
Each option appears to be workable. The motors and driver that I purchased came from Longsmotor in China. This is where I bought it: <br> <br>http://www.ebay.com/itm/200590003120?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&amp;_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 <br> <br>I don't know about reliability at this point. Time will tell... So far so good though. <br> <br>Best of luck!

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