Personally I like Dieselpunk, an under used style, but there is no denying the aesthetically pleasing stylings of Steampunk. From Crabfu's creative creatures to Jake von Slatt's memorable computer, the culture is certainly inspirational art-form. I recently found myself in possession of some extra white LEDs, and a rather dimly lit desk. While I could have simply attached them directly to the desk, that would have been quite a waste when it comes time for new furniture. The solution was quite obvious and I hadn't created any Steampunk works in quite a long while. Many of the parts you probably have lying around, but if not, it shouldn't cost over $15-30.

Step 1: Gather Your Munitions

It is possible to compose this lamp out of scrounged parts (as I did), but some of the parts will have to be purchased.

Parts (to be purchased):
1. One meter of white Turnigy LEDs ($8.25 after shipping), can be found here at hobbyking.com
2. Two feet of 1/2 inch copper pipe
3. 13 inches of 2.5 inch diameter PVC pipe to be used as the shade
4. Brass spray paint
5. 3M spray adhesive

Parts (to be scrounged or purchased):
1. N-channel FET with an operating range that includes 12 volts
2. Small NPN transistor with an operating range that includes 12 volts
3. Two 2.2 ohm resistors
4. One 100k ohm resistor
5. 12 volt power supply
6. Barrel jack that fits your power supply
7. SPST switch (at least capable of 1 Amp)
8. Black or brown vinyl. This can be found on a number of clothing items at thrift stores
9. Base. I used a broken Logitech Attack 3 joystick. Instructions for alternate bases will be described
10. Two zip-ties
11. Epoxy (liquid or putty, your choice)
12. Three feet of wire. Both positive and negative are needed. Duplex wire (such as that found on power supplies) works well
13. Two 4-0.7x20 (or equivalent imperial) bolts and matching nuts
14. Prototyping PCB such as those found at Radio-Shack

1. Power drill
2. Screwdriver set
3. Drill bit set
4. Soldering iron & Solder
5. Wire cutters and wire strippers
6. Hot glue gun and glue sticks
7. Piper bender (optional)
8. Electrical Tape
9. Scissors
10. Razor (such as an Exacto knife)
11. Hack saw
12. Vice or hammer
<p>Awesome project dude! I would like to see what you can do with some steampunk led bulbs for existing fixtures: https://www.earthled.com/collections/steampunk-led-bulbs-lights</p>

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