Usually used for making lemonade, lemons have many uses besides food. With a bag of lemons around the house, you can some up with some cool projects!

Here are 5 of the most interesting i found, if you have more link to them in the comments!

Step 1: Mold Removal

You can remove mold by rubbing lemon juice where you see it. Mold should dissipate soon after!
<p>24 millivolts is not that much to juice anything.</p>
lemon juice also removes fishy smells from hands and cutlery: after fish, wash hands in lemon juice then put (a) lemon slice(s) in the cutlery thing in your dishwasher
<p>or use lemon base soup it is the 21 century lol</p>
<p>WoW,, and u rly think lemon base soap have lemon in it? it`s 21 century lol kido</p>
You can also use toothpaste for those fishy hands.
You forgot to add Cave Johnson's famous Combustible Lemons!
<p>You mean <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dt6iTwVIiMM" rel="nofollow">this</a>?</p>
<p>Who would of thought a lemon could do all these things! That is crazy! I'll just try this before I pay for anyone to come do a mould inspection. Thanks for your help!<br><br>Dorthy Packer | &lt;a href='http://www.safehouseconsultants.net/services/building.html' &gt; http://www.safehouseconsultants.net/services/building.html&lt;/a&gt;</p>
<p>I knew a girl who used lemon on her hair in summer then went out in the sun. Her hair was the ugliest, brassy blonde I ever saw. We all laughed at her. Use lemon in your hair at your own expense and have hair color handy, LOL.</p>
<p>BE VERY CAREFUL! If you get lemon/ lime juice on your skin and go out in the sun, you will get a brown stain on your skin. Normally over night. This is called <strong>phytophotodermatitis. </strong></p>
My whole basement has mold and I dont have the stomach for removing mold myself. Its disgusting! Where can I find some <a href="http://www.colfaxcorp.net/services.html" rel="nofollow">mold removal in chicago?</a> The whole house is starting to smell like mold after I descovered it and opened up the downstairs. Any suggestions?
Thank you for sharing this! I've been looking around for a place that does <a href="http://www.colfaxcorp.net/services.html" rel="nofollow">mold removal in Chicago</a>, but I'm going to try this first. I appreciate this!
Thanks for sharing this awesome information! I had no clue that there was so many things you could do with lemons! I have really been looking for <a href="http://www.engineering-help.com" rel="nofollow">mold inspections deputy in</a>, but I think it is awesome to know that you can do that with lemons! Can you tell me where to find more ideas with lemons?
I have used lemon juice to remove mold from very small areas. However, I would advise getting real <a href="http://www.engineering-help.com" rel="nofollow">mold inspections</a> if you have a mold problem. Lemons may work wonders around they household but they can't perform complete miracles. Mold can become a serious problem that should be handled as soon as possible.
Also, yellow nails can be a thing of the past (and thats a phrase that sounds as if it was ripped off of an infomercial! ), by soaking youre finger tips in half a lemon for a few minutes-maybe 5. Viola!
That's odd about having lemon on you *causing* a burn, I was just going to share something I learned years ago working in a kitchen, if you get a minor burn of course cold water on it, but if it still hurts later, put lemon on it. This really works, I know it sounds nuts but it stops the pain better and longer than those drugstore products. But for sunburn I use very strong black tea, cold, soak a cloth in it and wrap the offended parts. it will stain.but will turn a sunburn into a tan much quicker. does instructables have a 'putting food on yourself' area?
A cup of lemon juice to your wash? What is that, like a dozen lemons?<br>Not worth the cost or effort. I'd rather make lemonade with all those lemons.
I think lemon juice is one of those once in a while things you use when spring cleaning your clothes or something. If I had some particularly smelly clothes from storage that still smelled after washing, some lemon juice might just do the trick to deodorise them.
White vinegar works just as well for boosting laundry detergent, and it's inexpensive. I buy it in the gallon-size bottles. I always add half a cup to my laundry, but use only half as much laundry detergent. Works wonderfully.<br><br>I've been wondering if I can pre-mix the two (vinegar and detergent) in a bottle so I only have one thing to add to my laundry? I don't see why not... Planning to try that.
I would not mix the two as one is a base (laundry soap) and the other an acid (vinegar) which essentially neutralises them. I put the vinegar in the fabric softener well in the washing machine and it is released into the rinse cycle making clothes fresher and I think it does help cut down on static in the dryer.
Great info.&nbsp; I get very frustrated with laundry.&nbsp; Does the vinegar leave any scent behind? Also, what are all of the benefits of using it in the laundry?&nbsp; Does it keep the clothes from getting staticy?&nbsp; Great lemon tips and also great vinegar tips.&nbsp; Two for one :)<br> <a href="http://revealgreatskin.com">Victoria</a>
I'm on a modern septic tank and can't use chlorine bleach (not sure about oxygen bleach). When I phoned the manufacturer they said to use vinegar and it works well to freshen up the wash especially sheets and towels which seem to need a little extra something every once in a while.
In that a septic tank does it's work in the absence of oxygen, no doubt anything that introduces oxygen would integer with the inter workings of a septic tank. The use of solar powered clothes dryers help keeps your laundry smelling fresh.
You could also use borax, or baking soda to boost the detergent. When I have a really dingy load, I add the vinegar along with a generous sprinkling of baking soda. Gets any load super clean, especially really dirty whites. (yikes, that sounded racist *Grin*)
I absolutely love, love, love borax... I don't buy bleach anymore.... My grandmother(this is gross...but she's old...and hillbllyish)....Had a blanket on the top of her bed that had not been washed in 5 years... She had it dry cleaned...and it looked gross... It was all yellow and weird colors and such... I took it while she was in the hospital and washed it for her.... The water was BLACK! I didn't even know there was white on the blanket...... It looked brand new. And man was she happy...lol
You can also use 3 lemons in 1L (1000cc) of water to produce a stop bath when developing photo films and prints ;)<br>
There are much better electrodes than dimes and pennies. I used a zinc door hinge and a segment of 1/2 in copper pipe and got around 1.25 volts.
Your meter is faulty, there's no way that you could get 1.25 volts out of a Zn Cu half-cell combination.
The lemon juice, a soft acid as the vinegar, is too very useful for rinse the hands after a masonry work. The lime, cement and other masonry stuff are alkaline, then if you don't neutralize them, the hand's skin suffer a lot, it seems sandpaper. Some drops of lemon juice o vinegar can work miracles.
that's a super tip, it feels obvious in retrospect but it's great!
Thanks. &iquest;Can you vote for me?<br> <br> <a href="http://www.instructables.com/id/Torneando-un-trompo-lathing-a-top/">http://www.instructables.com/id/Torneando-un-trompo-lathing-a-top/<br> <br> http://www.instructables.com/id/Relieve-en-madera-fcil-wood-relief-made-easy/</a><br>
Lemon and salt is the absolute greatest cleaner for copper-bottomed pans. It seems like magic! Either squeeze the lemon over the copper, rub it around a bit to spread it, then sprinkle on salt, or sprinkle the salt directly on the lemon half then rub on the pot. Presto! Magic. (You do need to make sure to rinse very well and dry thoroughly to prevent water spots from forming afterwards.) Vinegar works, too. The grandkids love to watch this!
Oops.... I made a comment about this before I went all the way thru...lol<br>Lemon juice is def a cheap way to highlight hair... :)<br>Also... Mixing a lil bit with baking soda...and applied to zits as a paste seems to reduce swelling and eliminate them faster(leave on til dry and rinse)
Lemon juice also works great in blonde hair is a lightening agent... You just soak it...or strand it... Go out in the sun for an hour...and come back in with lighter hair... Has to be the real lemons though... Lemon juice from a bottle will not work... Neither will limes.... A vinegar rinse in your hair will leave it nice and shiny... Only drawback is...the smell(which I personally like..others maybe not so much...lol)
also works as a spot remover on many clothes - dab lemon juice on the spot/stain and lay clothes out in the sun.<br>I managed to get some banana stains off my sons T-shirt that had been there for some time. :)
CAUTION!-CAUTION!-CAUTION!-CAUTION!-CAUTION!-CAUTION!<br><br>Lemon + Sun = bad idea!<br>I saw some &quot;lemon-in-the-sun-burn-blisters&quot;. That picture is real...<br><br>CAUTION!-CAUTION!-CAUTION!-CAUTION!-CAUTION!-CAUTION!
great tips!<br><br>After I squeeze lemons for my lemon drop cocktails, I put half a lemon peel, cut up into a few pieces, into the garbage disposal and run it. Freshens that puppy right up! (My plumber approved, btw.)
I don't know if it matters, but pennies dated before 1982 are all copper, and pennies dated after 1982 are copper-coated zinc. Pennies with a date of 1982 can be either, I believe.<br><br>Would be interesting to try this with a pre-1982 penny and a post-1982 penny, and see if there's a noticeable voltage difference. Also to try nickels and quarters instead of a dime.
DUDE! You're highlighting your hair!! <br>
this instructable is awesome! 5*
This is great! i will try it.
my tip to using Lemons<br>http://hubpages.com/hub/CaipirinhaRecipe<br>:) enjoy it!
&quot;Use lemon juice to get blond highlights, just apply and then sit out side. Repeat the process over a weeks time for best results.&quot;<br> <strong>WARNING :</strong> Attention just use it on the hair, Take care , wash very well your hands ! (my advice,, don't use it! ) if it stay on you skin and you go out side under the sun exposure, you may get serious burns. Only one drop is enough, and bye bye pretty face :(
nice hair color. :D

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