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Thank you for following me! And thank you for making Instructables work awesomely indeed! :)
splazem2 years ago
Thank you so much for subscribing! BTW, I love your arduino instructables. I got an arduino kit from the fair, and it's pretty confusing; but your ibles have helped me understand it a little more!
anshul gt2 years ago
hi yar i am your friend
splazem3 years ago
Thank you for the one year pro membership, but why did you give it to me? Anyway, thanks, and keep on making awesome instructables.
wow i love XKCD
dominator243 years ago
Thanks for the patch!
~KGB~3 years ago
thanks for the patch!
MegaMetal83 years ago
Thanks for the patch mate!
Randomguy654 years ago
Did you get my PM?????????
yeh he did i got the patch
920334 years ago
Just thought I'd check your home page and see that you're a Bicycle Mechanic...not many around that I know of. I was the kid who everyone brought their broken bike to, while still in grade school back in the 1`940's. :-) "World Naked Bike Riding Day" in 70 Countries. Do a search under that title to see what it's about. Good tutorials. Take care. ~ ED PS...My Favorite bike was a "Whizzer Motor Bike"...big thing back in the forties, along with the "Cushman Motor Scooter", which I also owned. We need them back now due to the economy and high gasoline/petrol prices, eh?