5 Ideas With Plastic Bottles #2




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Introduction: 5 Ideas With Plastic Bottles #2

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Step 1: To Do a Flower Pot You Need!!!

In today's second issue of I'm shocked I'm going to show you 5 more awesome and interesting ideas about what can be made of used, unnecessary plastic bottles!

Step 2: To Do a Roll Holder Need!!!

Step 3: To Do a Bracelet Need!!!

Nowadays everybody throw to garbage used plastic bottles and don't think about the fact that plastic dissolves very slowly, that leads to pollution of environment throwing away polyethylene terephtalate.

Step 4: To Do a Holder for Stationary Need!!!

Can you imagine how many interesting objects can be made from things that we put in the trash?! Not only is recycling good for the environment, but it also has the ability to make our homes more sustainable and creative. A good example of this is plastic bottles, which can be used in many different creative ways, and transformed into decorative items.

Step 5: To Do a Toilet Paper Holder Need!!!

Use your imagination, and save the planet at the same time.



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    Lots of great uses! I really like the separate sections you had for the pencil holder.

    Awesome hacks, TYSM!