A cheap but attractive paper "shoji" style lamp that uses mostly recycled parts and is easy to put together.

DISCLAIMER 1: The overall design (and possibly the whole idea) of this lamp was influenced by atarax's shoji lamp Instructable. The motif on the side was influenced by Nick Falzone's superb Sangaku and Yuugou case mods. I did not steal either of their ideas.

DISCLAIMER 2: This is probably one of the safer non-computer Instructables I've written. However, hot glue is hot, scissors are pointy, bamboo can give nasty splinters and this Instructable involves wiring a mains lightbulb socket. If you are unsure of how to do that safely, I disclaim all responsibility for electrical mishaps.

DISCLAIMER 3: Yes, I got the parts images from Google image search because I built this thing before taking the photos, and couldn't be bothered taking photos of a light socket and corrugated cardboard. If I am using your image and you would rather I didn't, let me know and I'll replace it with one of my own.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following.

  • Glue gun
  • Craft knives
  • Scissors
  • Diagonal/wire cutters or nail clippers


  • Strong corrugated cardboard, preferably 2-layer
  • Paper- I used regular lined paper but if you wanted to be fancy you could used textured craft paper or tracing paper
  • Bamboo/wooden chopsticks or kebab skewers
  • Straight batten lightbulb socket
  • Plug
  • A couple of metres of flex (2-core or 3-core is ok)
  • (optional) Inline switch
  • Lightbulb- I use an 11W CFL, I'm not happy about the idea of an incandescent bulb in a box made of paper
<p>My first attempt. I used balsa wood &amp; wax paper.</p>
<p>thanks </p><p>looks wonderful</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing </p>
Thanks for the great instructable. I made one, but i came out pretty bad :P I sort of screwed up after gluing the paper, so i improvised by tracing the bamboo skewers with electrical tape. At least it looks kinda cool in the dark. I'm not done yet, but i'll go ahead and take some pics.
<p>Hi prosper58 10 points for motivation &amp; effort BUT, yes there is a Big BUTT </p><p>I recommend fitting a 200 watt lamp to your effort &amp; recording the result on time laps.</p><p>Looking VERY forward to your NEXT attempt.</p><p>Sincerely,</p><p>Rick</p>
Spray water mist on tissue paper and it will stretch as it dries!<br>But be careful! Just moisten the paper!<br><br>See <br><br>http://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Cube-Night-Light/<br><br>for an example!
Awesome!! I've just made my own one an it's amazing :) Thanks fo this great instructable
Thanks For the idea, I kinda took the idea and ran with it. I made a night light lamp for my nephew. his favorite characters are the ones i put on there. used bass wood and acrylic paint with some super glue. and bought a bag of 99cent letters for the front. was having a hard time finding sockets at my local hardware stores so i just used what i could find. there's a night light light bulb that is 7.5watts to give the entire picture a nice glow without being to bright and the bulb is never too hot to touch or hot enough to burn paper. i added a cable with an on off switch for easy off switch total cost was pretty cheap. turned out pretty decent. <br />
<p>Hi Ryan, I just came across the project you did for your nephew for years ago and I really love it. If you get this message, could you tell me what kind of paper you used with all of the cartoon characters? I really love this idea and would love to try it out with other characters. Thank you. Hope this message finds you.</p>
Thats an awesome idea! Great job man
<p>i want to make this lamp in a hut shape,is it possible?</p>
<p>Nice idea for a project! I tried it (quickly) to see if it would make a nice enclosure for a multicolor LED bulb. I like the effect, so I think I will keep refining the lamp.</p>
I wonder if this would work with leftover wallpaper....will have to try.
Thank you so much PKM for this incredible idea, as many other have said it has inspired me to make several of these. Below you can see a version of my latest one.<br> <br> The second picture depicts an &quot;interior skeleton&quot; if you will to help strengthen the lamp. I found that, when moving from one apartment to another, it was a very delicate item to transfer, so I sought to improve its structural integrity.
Here is the giant floor lamp I made my mom for Mother's Day. She loved it! The panels are constructed similarly to the ible, with ripped wood, tissue paper, and a whole lot of hot glue. Spray-painted the wood black before attaching the tissue paper. Inside we ran two long wooden dowels which we attached by a piece of sheet metal across the top of the lamp, and into our wooden base. (Drill a couple tight holes in each, shove the dowels in, and hot glue like you mean it). Before securing the dowels inside though, we configured three CFLs on the dowels. Similar method- we secured the base of the light socket to the sheet metal which we slid over the wooden dowels. Probably the most pain in the butt parts of the project were tidying up strings of hot glue, and accidentally ripping the tissue paper in construction. Repairs were pretty easy though. Oh, and we put one panel on by hinges, and secured with a hook-and-eye latch. This way the bulbs can easily be changed. Turns on and off with a wheel click switch on the cord.
Beautiful! You have inspired me to make this my first summer project of 2012. Can you post detailed instructions though? <br>I am a novice at this, so I'd need the help to get it right. Thanks!
wow i like all the designs that everyone made.<br>
<br> This is my rare lamp<br>
Awwww!!! this one is sooooooo cute!!!! ^_^ it looks so adorable<br>lol it looks like its a poor little lamp <br>AWWW!! SO CUTE! i want it lol
Wow that turned out awesome! Love your blue walls!
FANTASTIC design!<br>n looks cool with that shade of blue
thats really cool, love the style.
I love it and i will try it
You're awesome! You inspired a huge bunch of people!
Big thanks to the OP, it's great to see how many people had a try with the project. Mine was made with bamboo sticks, chopsticks and baking paper. I kept the pattern connections all over the lamp. Glows much brighter than in the picture.
This one was my second variation of the lamp idea.

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