After some brainstorming and realizing that I needed a new bird feeder, I created this for the reuse challenge. It is mostly made from recycled materials and is super quick.  In addition, it cost almost nothing to make. It turned out very well and I can't wait to start seeing birds eating from it.

Step 1: Materials

Glue Gun
X acto knife
An Old Plate
A Water Bottle
String 2-3 feet Long
Bird Seed
Well done!So simple and resourceful ! I should try it!
great reuse of land fill material in the bottle. I love seeing the birds come back in the spring, plus those that staied behind. This gives me a chance to make few of them. <br> <br>Great instructable
i like it! thanks for some good tips on this
Cool idea. I would like to add to it. <br>Take a bigger plate and cut a hole in the middle so it will fit between the lid and bottle. This will help keep the birdseed dry.

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