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Please check out my latest instructable entered into the Halloween Costume contest - I would love your support! Thanks so much!! Steph :)
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iceng2 years ago
Thanks for following, your an amazingly prolific ible writer..
BTW You sound ie write older then 14 ( compliment )...

I like Bones too, did fencing long time ago and yes .. we have 4 egg laying
chickens at this time.

What does "Molecular" mean as in Molecular Root Beer ?

rrkrose (author)  iceng2 years ago
Thank you! Molecular refers to molecular gastronomy which is a type of cooking. It's actually very interesting. Several different types of food additives are used to change the textures of the food. In my molecular root beer float I used agar agar (thickening agent) to create little balls of root beer.
iceng rrkrose2 years ago
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Your welcome! Your spin art machine is so cool looking!
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Thank you for the follow. Your monster shoes are very cute.
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Thank you! I love the heart inside of the cupcakes and I hope to see more great 'ibles from you!
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Your welcome. That pizza you made looks so good!
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I love the pictures you have as the main images! They are really wonderfull. (I havn't yet read the intructables, but I have many tabs open with them.)
Also, thanks for following me!
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Thank you! I was reading your blog for a while last night and it's pretty cool!
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