5 Minute Electric Bicycle





Introduction: 5 Minute Electric Bicycle

* Since you asked, here is a link to a video of the bike in action.

this is my first instructable so please point out any mistakes.

For this Instructable you will need the following materials

-a bicycle
-a cordless drill (any voltage will work but the bigger the better. I got mine from harbor freight for $15.)
-lots of zipties (how many you will use depends on your type of bike and/or drill)
-a piece of small wood ( this will support the drills' battery)
-a bicycle hand brake ( this is for the throttle system)
-bicycle cable ( this also for the throttle system and goes into the hand brake)
That's It!!!

Step 1: Adding the Drill

Step 2: Ziptieing the Drill Down

Step 2

Now begin to ziptie the drill onto the bicycle frame. Make sure that the drills' chuck always stays on the side of the tire. Try to keep the drill in line with the tire. Get the drill as snug AS POSSIBLE against the side of the tire. The more friction you have the better the drill will grip the tire.

Step 3: Adding the Throttle System


Combine the hand brake an the cable and the slide the hand brake on to the handlebars of the bicycle. This will probably require removing the handlebar grips. Finally, tighten down the hand brake.

Step 4: Attaching the Throttle Cable

Step 4

Beware this is the hardest part of the instructable. Take the bicycle cable and lead it down to the side of the drill where the trigger is. Ziptie the end of the black part of the cable to the SIDE of the drill. Wrap the metal part of the cable around the trigger and back to the side of the drill. Ziptie the black part of the cable and the end of the metal section of the cable together. Make sure that the cable does not pull on the trigger. It should only pull on it when you pull on the brake handle. You can skip this step and just pull the drills trigger with your hand. however you have to drive with one hand.

Step 5: You Are Done!!!!!

You are done!!!!!!!! Hooray!!!!!! However there is one big declining factor in this instructable, You cannot COAST. This bike also doesn't have a whole lot of economical value it only goes about as fast as a rather drained barbie jeep. It is more just for fun. Or it can be used for riding around the block and laughing maniacally and scaring little children all at the same time!! Or looking cool while trick or treating. Maybe it does have some economical value. Just remember to use a drill that you don't use a lot. I got mine from harbor freight for $15. Here is a link to the video of my electric bike.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ98oZ8h4HQ



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    I can't get enough friction between the drill and the tier

    A spring, small board, hinge and a second brake cable will give you a disengage option so you can coast

    what is the speed of your bicy

    what is the speed of your bicy

    nice instructables,maybe you can use a box for housing the drill

    I like the idea of using the handbrake on the bicycle is awesome.

    Super cool instructable. Like how you kept it pretty simple and straightforward. wish you had a few more pics from different directions (panned out maybe). Very cool, thanks for sharing!

    Great! This 'ible proves that you can make efficient hacks with few things and simple ideas. Everybody should forget the word "cordless drill" and replace it by "cordless electric motor with chuck". Drill is just one usage among many...

    Is the idea that the trigger on the drill will push the brake back out after you release? Because the spring in mine doesn't seem to be strong enough. Is there an easy way to replace the spring.

    Check out killerjackalope's answer down below.