50 Digital Joints: Poster Visual Reference





Introduction: 50 Digital Joints: Poster Visual Reference

Jochen Gross made this wonderful compilation of digital wood joints under CC license (various CAD files also available to download on his site).

I wanted to be able to look at them all at once at marvel at their beauty, so I whipped up this poster-format visual reference. It's under CC non-commercial share-alike license. Large .PNG here and downloadable PDF below. Enjoy!

edit: in case you don't have access to a plotter or other large-format printer, I've put it up on Society5 print-on-demand site. You can find it here.



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Thank you

Great work Ladycartoonist. Thanks for sharing. My new CNC machine is going to make lots of chips.

Trying to make a buck on instructable as advertising is not cool. How do we notify instructables that this is just an advertising ploy?

What it is advertising? These are from a free resource pack. As others mentioned, it is CC (attribution/non-commercial use only/share-alike).

$15-47 for S/H is NOT free or anywhere near that,and obviously NOT not-for-PROFIT,it is simply a way for their "Company" to try to reach a lot of people here who are interested in DIY stuff for FREE.It is the same as spam,and should be removed as such.Otherwise "sell" them for the TRUE S/H to a given location.OR,just tell the people here who may not be aware,to take the file to Officemax,Kinkos(there are other much cheaper places} or similar and get large poster-size printed for MUCH less than Society6,or use their normal printers at home to print it out in several pages,and just tape them all together.

You are welcome to take the PDF, which is of poster-size quality, to any printer you choose, for free. Some people might not live near one or have the time to go themselves, so I gave an option for an online resource to do so. With Society6, the creator -me- can choose what profit they want (for example, the base cost would be $15, i could choose 'my profit, $3' and it would show as costing you $18). I have chosen $0. So in this case, if/when those posters sell, I am making $0 profit (nor am I seeing any money or doing anything with printing). I have no affiliation with Society6, I'm just an illustrator/designer/maker trying to share so the most people can have this on their wall.

LadyCartoonist,Then I apologize,stand corrected,and applaud you for not taking/adding an up-charge.I just mainly wanted others to know there ARE cheaper ways to do this at home,and mentioned,as you just did too,to mosaic a larger print,or find a much cheaper source to print the file(which you DID provide freely,Thank You!)It just seemed fishy at the time I read it,and again,my apologies.

No worries. I understand wanting to keep this a community of non-commercial resources. I just want people to be happy makers :)

Nice to provide the content, thanks!

But YES, i'bles 'featured' it, and they have advertisers, so despite the authors intent, this website still makes $$cha-ching$$ off of CC licensed material.