Some of My Plasma Speakers





Introduction: Some of My Plasma Speakers

Plasma speaker using a flyback transformer. It uses an SG3525 chip to switch two MOSFET's in a half-bridge fashion.

You can make one using a simple 555 timer circuit here



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    So they got the 'plasma frequency modulator & oscillator' working. BFD = it sounds worse than the transistor radios of the 1950's !! bad sound = no sale.

    Nice Instructable! I have a question though. Does the power supply need to be at least 8 Amps? I also have an ATX power supply from a computer, and it has a nice 12v rail, but I don't know how many Amps it is. Do you know if it's too high or low?

    Btw, did you try to make switch with opto-coupler? I was thinking, if put one opto coupler then you can remove MOSFET ( bypass heating losses). That would be cheaper and you could have bigger voltage in flyback cicruit. What do you think, is it possible to perform that ?

    then this scheme should not work (but it's working, some guy created plasma speaker by this scheme and it works fine:

    there are many pins in the bottom of the flyback, maybe there are some windings which works with lower voltage..

    It will still function but you will not get as large of an arc.

    could you use a ignition coil as the transformer

    Yes but it would not sound very good since they work at frequency's of a few kHz (think of nails scratching a chalk board). MIDI and 8 bit chip tunes would song good though.

    great work, but I have one question: will be good the primary coil in flyback or it is necessary to have manualy wound wire?

    Manually wind one, the internal one is designed to work with voltages of around 160vdc.