Picture of Sexy 6 AXIS ROBOTIC ARM

Well I finally did it. I finally pulled the trigger and started to build a 5/6 axis robotic arm. This is an ongoing project so please check back from time to time to look at the progress and offer any ideas you might have who knows I just might include the changes. I have alot done so far. I will try to make this a step by step. If any of you need clarification or just more info on how i did that or where do i find that bit of software or that part etc. just drop me an email. So with that said lets get started. Please forgive any grammatical or spelling errors I am in a rush to finish this project please let me know if you see any.

If I win the Laser cutting machine. I will use it to produce more robots. After all even robots need skin. Not to mention all the projects I can make with such an awsome too. I use a larger one like it before and it was amazing the speed and quality of the finished parts.

So to begin with any robotic project no mater how complex you must plan, plan, plan, and then finally figure out or layout how you will go about it.. or "PLAN"...

Use your head when building anything. Use safety glasses when running mills drills or any power tool Your eye's are just little water balloons and can pop like a grape so protect them. I don't have time to create an instructable on how to replace your eye.

You're fingers hands and other appendages will lose any battle you engage in with a cnc, lathe or most power tools. Don't take them for granted. I have 30 years experience with machine tools and the building of robots I will try to make this easy. If you have a good design you can send out the drawings to have the major part fabricated fairly cheaply. If you don't know how to use a tool then learn, take a class, ask me or learn the trade. These types of machines have a mind of their own and must be respected, Safety first.

Now That the safety brief is out of the way lets get on with the show.

This picture is my last concept before i began. I created this layout with solidworks. that way i could test for any interference from moving parts in order to make sure they would all fit together just right. I also wanted to test for load bearing and lateral forces, as well as motor torque and loads. This information though not needed right away is a must for later on.

The mechanical layout is just a small piece of the design you must also consider all the programing that will be part of any robot you build especially a 6 axis robotic arm with inverse kenimetrics. More on that later. Once i had the basic layout I needed to make sure i cold afford the parts necessary to build this monster. I had to source the motors and find a supplier, as well as the gear/ drive train for each axis.

The motors i settled on were found on Ebay for 30.00 each. I bought 10 because i want to build more that one robot arm.

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Gryphin3 years ago
I am so very, very interested in this bad boy. I would love to build one of these to complement the home shop!
sparten11 (author)  Gryphin3 years ago
let me know what your budget is once I finish this bad boy and get him tested and ready for the market, perhaps we can build you a custom unit. Let me know.

Oh ya and please vote for my robot arm to win the contest the button to vote is at the top of the page..

Hey Warren can u email me at jpdudley12@Gmail.com I'm 35 and just starting I have few years in college and a disabled vet and wanted someone who might can guide me maybe if u ain't busy I'm fresh so clean slate
chrswp sparten117 months ago
Hi Warren, can I buy the kits from you?
chrswp sparten117 months ago
Hi Warren, can I buy the kits from you?
chrswp sparten117 months ago
Hi Warren, can I buy the kits from you?
chrswp sparten117 months ago
Hi Warren, can I buy the kits from you?
tigerbomb82 years ago
wow this is to good for words..... i wish i could make one.
you should post this on letsmakerobots.com
sparten11 (author) 2 years ago
Major updates come take a look at this baby now
Wow that thing is incredible!
fdolopez3 years ago
I am very impressed by this project.
laserjocky3 years ago
This Instructable is on another level. I'm just now getting into robotics and I can barely get a little toy rover to work properly. I've done some work for a lab in my university machine shop, but nothing remotely comparable to this complexity. Someday I hope to have the resources to get my own milling machine, lathe and laser cutter, but that day is so far in the future it's ludicrous. I will definitely be checking back.
sparten11 (author)  laserjocky3 years ago
That day will come sooner than you think. just keep your goals on a list place that list where you will see it every day every hour every minute etc. you will find the when opportunities present themselves you will move without even knowing your doing it, towards the accomplishment of your dreams. The complexity is only in the details "I can't see the forest because of the trees" if you break all of this down piece by piece and avoid getting overwhelmed you CAN do complex things. Just take each piece/part as it comes. think in terms of bottom up. one piece at a time.

Not too long ago I Was where you are. Just took a positive attitude and a strong work ethic, Oh an no sleep...

sparten11 (author) 3 years ago
Major updates come check them out.
rimar20003 years ago
sparten11 (author)  rimar20003 years ago
Thank you I am glad you like it.
kocnn3 years ago

I can think of many uses for this, do you think this can drill change tool then tap
say up to 1/2 inch. sure would free up the cnc a whole lot, I would talk to the
robot from solidworks if possible
sparten11 (author)  kocnn3 years ago
even easier than that. for programing. Currently working on a inverse kenemetrics program for solidworks and auto cad to make incorporating into your shop even easier.
sparten11 (author)  kocnn3 years ago
yes it could very easily just needs to be slightly modified with stronger gear reduction for the torque. If we were to add a tapping head it would work wonders.

Hi There, I am also interested in a kit, is there anything available?

swami27instr6 months ago

Dear sir,

con you tell me the rough estimate and the dimensions that you used for your robot

alexanderlee8 months ago

Wow, great instructables! Any plans for a kickstarter/indiegogo?

djodjo8 months ago

I am very impressed by this project how can download it

kocnn3 years ago
Very nicely done! I cant wait to see where this will lead me.
haopengyou kocnn9 months ago

Is there any way that this electronic technology can be adapted to control the arm of a backhoe? I will be building a shed and house in 2 years - it would be really helpful to have a "strong arm" that can lift and hold in place, with a greater degree of accuracy.

haopengyou9 months ago

Well done! I am very interested in the topic of robotic arms. I will be building a garage and possibly a house soon and it would be very useful to have a robotic arm to help me lift heavy things and hold them in place. Can the electronics used to make your robotic arm be applied to a backhoe?

ErwinC10 months ago

Cool project! Are you still working on this robot arm? Did you ever consider using brushless motors? Someone mentioned those Holmes Revolver S Stubby 520 are good low-rpm high torque motors.

plasma20021 year ago

And that was the last anybody had ever heard of poor sparten11.

The authorities would later be quoted with "maybe mixing the brain control with the robot wasn't the best idea".

haha , any idea how the project going? it's been many days since he appeared

bellabunny1 year ago

OMG that's awesome!!!! I could never ever make anything like that!!!

I am a huge fan of robotic, but Mr. Warren this mind control robot arm is way beyond my imagination. Would you please give me some advice how did you get started with electronics and software. I am a machinist but in electronic field i am totally a novice.

sparten11 (author)  kevinrisher1 year ago
Call me if you like...

314 971 4122
cfreitas2 years ago
Simply fantastic. I´m amazed. Its a incredible instructabe. Thankyou very much for sharing.
You told about 7136 aluminium. Where do you got it from ? Is it possible to melt / cast this type of aluminium with a home furnace ?
Sorry if I´m dreaming toooo much.

And congrats for such a wonderfull work !

Not possible to make at home. This kind of aluminum has a highly controlled chemistry and is specially processed.

If you are looking for a cheaper option, your best bet is to go with simple cold rolled sheet/plate. It has a lower strength to weight ratio, but your bearing surfaces will last MUCH longer, and you can reduce thicknesses of some sections to still keep the weight only about 30% higher than the aluminum parts (in theory).

glomagno1 year ago

what brand motors were these?

draxos2 years ago
Amazing Work.. !!

Nothing more to Say.. !!
jjoseph662 years ago
Are you done with testing this unit yet. i was thinking about a pick and place application i have at work. How much would a robot like this cost if i where to build one for us? i currently have about $6K budget to work with.
sparten11 (author)  jjoseph662 years ago
Yes I have finished it it runs very well. Cost will be based mainly on resources if you can find the motors snd controlers. Then yes you can build for that or less. I will be making s major update soon once I have time.
that kinda machining and design is crazy....i wish i had your experience. - Mechanical engg grad (Masters in da making...)
kooth2 years ago
Outstanding! I'm relatively new to electrons and automation; however, I can tell that this is an awesome Instructables and an awesome post! Keep up the great work! I look forward to reading more when you get it posted.
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