Picture of 6 Mischievous Tricks & Pranks - for April Fools'
So you want to cause a little mischief, do you?  Here are 6 easy pranks to help you on your way.
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Step 1: Watch the Video!

In this video you'll see how to;

-Frustrate people who can't live without the remote control
-Rig a toilet to leave a surprise on the next flush
-Prank a local drive through
-Play a joke on junk mail companies
-"Genetically modify" a bunch of bananas
-Freak someone out with 3 cups of juice

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WARNING:  These projects and results are depictions of my own personal experiences.  Although these pranks are intended to be harmless, your results may vary depending on your location, and modifications to project ideas.  There may be risks associated with some of these projects that require adult supervision, and possibly others that I'm not aware of.  You assume all risk and any consequences caused by your actions.

Step 2: Remote Hack

Picture of Remote Hack
You can prank someone who watches a lot of TV with one simple trick. 

Just look on the front of the remote for the little LED, and cut a small piece of black electrical tape about the same shape. 

When you smooth it down over the LED it will hardly be noticeable at all. 

Now when your victim goes to use their remote, they'll be frustrated and confused by why it doesn't work anymore, even after they change out the batteries.

Step 3: Toilet Bowl Surprise

Picture of Toilet Bowl Surprise
Carefully remove the lid to the toilet tank, and pour in 10 - 20 drops of food coloring. 

Replace the lid, and now the next time your victim goes to flush, they'll get an unexpected surprise. 

There's a good chance the next person in the bathroom will be a little concerned as well.

Step 4: As Loudly As You Can

Picture of As Loudly As You Can
This little prank, is on your local drive through. 

Download the drive through prank sign, print it off, then cut along the dotted line at the bottom. 

Now simply add some tape, and post it near the microphone on the drive through station. 

You can get a lot of people to fall for this one because the signature makes the notice seem authentic.

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Love these pranks! Thanks for all of these great Instructables!

Very Funny (y)

galiliosharma4 months ago


olivia115 months ago

Hahahahaha... very Funny

very Funny

BrianDean6 months ago

Hahahahaha... very Funny

davis316 months ago

very Funny

rose1247 months ago


My favorite was played on a fellow at work who was always on the phone instead of working. One of the guys stuck a very tiny piece of scotch tape over the tiny microphone hole on his phone so he had to shout so a caller could hear him. Bonus: After a few weeks, they took the tape off, but he kept shouting.

photoace1211 months ago
Idea: if you have heavy things, and you don't like the company, put those heavy things in the business reply mail...
cgosh photoace129 months ago

Think twice about this one. Technically, this is "misuse of the US Mail" and that has severe penalties (if they complain). I just use their envelope to send back my name label and print 'cease all mailings' across it.

inqueba11 months ago

Hahahahaha... very Funny

joecrane891 year ago

The food coloring prank will only work with those people who don't put the toilet seat down before flushing, and that is really unhygienic. Eeeew :P

flush first and then let all the lids down after i check that its Clean

Whats the problem

please yell as loudly as you can....hahahahaha... i m imagining the people yelling at it..ROFLMAO

joecrane891 year ago

The food coloring prank will only work with those people who don't put the toilet seat down before flushing, and that is really unhygienic.

joecrane891 year ago

The food coloring prank will only work with those people who don't put the toilet seat down before flushing, and that is really unhygienic. Eeeew :P

patbking1 year ago
Will the food coloring stain the toilet
Ryanoxpqz1 year ago
A way to solve any problems with the orange juice cup one is to walk over to a table or a flat surface and put down the cup in your mouth, then grab the cup from one of your hands with your mouth and use your free hand to grab the cup from your mouth then set it down, then do the same with the one on your other hand. Then drink the orange juice!
gennagonna1 year ago
I love all of your cool stuff
dajobe1 year ago

Alternatively, find the biggest rock you can, put it in a box, tape it up and stick the return address envelope on top.

To 'The King of Random;' where do you get this stuff? lmmfao... :-)
bhermance1 year ago

OMG! LOL confused I bet!!

bhermance1 year ago

LOL good one. Never thought of that!!

bhermance1 year ago

LOL good one!!

mothman01 year ago

I've done something similar before, a few times, but I didn't include other mail... I just mail back the junk mailers own junk, with "No Thanks" written on it.

WncTrippN1 year ago

This is hilarious, I'm seriously considering doing this... but would anyone happen to know if this could be considered illegal? I know there are pretty strict laws for many things concerning the US Postal Service.

Is that legal to put it on their property?

Probably not

Azzurro1 year ago

step 5: send them a box of bricks.

Thanks good to find You again. I'm subscribed again, must happen every time a person gets another computer. later. ~(:-})={>--- }

valkgurl1 year ago

Surely someone has posted somewheres here the Dry Ice Drive Thru Switcheroo? Youtube is your friend!!!!

these are awesome pranks

opticalfx1 year ago
the food coloring in the toilet may be funny to a lot of people, but the poor janitor or whoever is cleaning the thing wont find it that much of a laugh. most food coloring stains porcelain
eladd1 year ago
i do number 5 all the time in hopes theyll stop sending it. also it helps the usps.
Actually it doesn't help them in the long run. if mailers lose money, ie paying for postage with no return, they stop mailing. that hurts the USPS.

The bananna is awesome!

amulder11 year ago
The cups is a clever long as you don't do it to someone who couldn't care less about the flooring...
pucksurfer1 year ago
This is awesome. Amazing pranks!!
amalkhan1 year ago

hahaahh! amazing!

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