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Introduction: 7FT Gundam - Ultimate Papercraft

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After burning my 4FT Freedom Gundam papercraft in 2010 I was determined to create a bigger and better replacement. This 7FT Gundam Mk-2 papercraft became the result of my goal, made up of 1250 parts on 720 pages, for a total paper weight of 10lb (4.5kg).

Using time-lapse photography, video editing and motion graphics, I created this video which shows the entire construction process as it happened over a course of three to four months.

My brother Ivan Lesko and I collaborated on creating a set of fantasy photographs for this project. Read Ivan's thoughts about the photography on his blog and follow him on Twitter.

Here's another time-lapse video which shows our photoshoot.

In this behind the scenes video I talk about my original idea, design process and equipment used for this project.

I launched this teaser video one month prior to revealing this project to the world.

For this and more, visit my website at www.visualspicer.com

Thanks for viewing!

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    Wow, this is really amazing! I'm also into papercraft, although I haven't tried doing an instructable yet. I'm sure you've already received lots of comments about this, but I hope you're planning to release the papercraft files, or at least direct us to where you got them.

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    This is not an Instructable but rathewr a "Bragable"
    There is no instruction on how we can replicate this, no mention of software used and sequence of construction.
    Just an ad for his web site.
    Great skills but nothing if any instructional value here.

    I don't think you quite get this, Garry. The point of instructables is to inspire others to make things that you showcase by yourself. (DIY) In this case, he is showing people something that we all could do at home, showing how many pages, the height, and other things to explain how you could do it yourself. Some people might not see it that way, but I definitely got inspired to do a project like this someday.

    Maybe I don't get it like you do but the name of the web site he posted this too does in fact have the word "Instruct: in it, might I recommend a good dictionary so you can look up the meaning of the word, after all it is not called "Inspireables"


    You NEED to make an instructible fo this! I want one for my room.

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    @REA - I think you missed the point (apparently, as has everyone else so far)... the advertising videos ARE his Instructable. Apparently, you're supposed to watch the videos he posted, and then magically absorb the knowledge you need to make one of them for yourself, because he obviously has no intention of sharing the files anyone else would need to make one of these for themselves.

    Dude, there's a "Be Nice" rule here.

    (And it's a damn sight easier to "absorb the knowledge" from a video on the web than it is to follow the instructions of a prject that has not been published at all.)

    Thank you Kiteman. It's a tough crowd here. It seems that a lot of people have a difficult time with simply absorbing and enjoying the creativity.

    It sure is a tough crowd when you obviously don't understand that this sight is called "Instructables" for a reason...besides,,,this is the easiest Gundam to do and when you enlarge it from a normal papercraft size it becomes even easier to do,,,nothing talented here and there is no creativity when "YOU" did not create Gundam,,,you should share the plans and answer the questions for the people asking or take this down,,,that is all

    They aren't a "crowd", they're a very small mob, and far from representative of the proper membership.

    Interesting to note, of those moaning that you have not shared every detail of your project, not one of them have published a single project, despite being members for some time (in chefguru's case, he's been here almost four years, and posted nothing of any particular worth).


    In my defense, I really don't have any good ideas to contribute (or the materials/skills/tools to try some ideas before contributing). Also, I wasn't really "moaning" about it per se, I was just sharing my interest in his project.

    Relax, I was aiming my comments at chefguru and his ilk, who seem to think that VisualSpicer must recreate five months of work, just because they want to see the files.


    Ok, for a second I thought I may have said something wrong.

    Excellent point there Kiteman. Thanks again for your support and congratulations on the impact your work has obviously made on this community. Keep it going.

    All part of the service.

    Tips Stetson, rides off into sunset, spurs clinking.

    @Kiteman: If I found some random video reposted online with no way to track the creator, and the video was the ONLY information about the project, that's one thing. When the person posting the video is the actual creator of the project & the video, and has posted (published) the video to the instruction (tutorial) site themselves, and has the project files available on their own computer (which is shown in the video), then your argument loses its validity.

    I understand what you mean though, "It's better than nothing", but considering the creator of the project DID choose to publish it here, you can't make that argument.

    The fact remains: The author has the files/tools available to make this page a TRUE instructable, but instead, by choosing to only post a video, this post is not really instructing anything, it's just bragging & showing off.

    Have you even bothered to compare the date the author joined and the date he published this? Three days. This author has contributed more to this site in three days than you have in four years.

    How much use do you think the files are without detailed step-by-step instructions? Do you honestly expect him to back and recreate five months work, just because you want him to?

    If you had ever published a project of your own, you would know that there is a physical limit on the size of the files that can be uploaded to Instructables.

    I understand what you mean though, "It's better than nothing". No, you don't, because the "nothing" refers to your contribution to this site over the four years of your membership.