Taking condiments and spices with you while traveling isn't always the easiest thing to do . On Instructables I've found ways to take seasoning with me on camping trips, or for short overnight stays. There are a couple instructables on the idea of making your own portable "spice rack" I like THIS ONE from derte84. It would work great for dry spices, but liquids might get mesy. There is also an instructable from thatoneguydavid that uses straws to pack spices. You could always beg, borrow, or steal condiment packets from your local eatery. The issue I find with this is that when you use them, you must find a way to dispose of the packet AND the little corner that you tore off. I can never seem to remember to leave it attached to the packet.

The other issue that I have come across, and the main problem that this Instructable addresses is that I can never even find the packets that I really want. Olive Oil, Chili Oil, TABASCO, Vinegar, and  Maple Syrup are a few. The Other great part about this Instructable is that it is SUPER EASY. Anybody can do it! You don't need to sew, you don't need a to be a rocket scientist, you don't even really need any tools.

Step 1: [Buy Some MIO]

It's a concentrated liquid flavoring for water. My mother-in-law says it covers up the bad taste of water. I think it just adds some variety to water and keeps it from getting boring. It comes in a variety of flavors. Use up a bottle, and remove the label. Do this however you best see fit.
i do the same thing with empty 5 hour energy bottles. i also use them for my shampoo and dish soap salt pepper honey ,instant coffe premixed with sugar ect. if you have extra caps for the bottles you can have one or two with holes drilled in and the salt and pepper become shakers, then put the solid caps back on when your done. and the 5 hour energy bottles cant come open on accident, and are pretty hard to break on accident.
I like the idea about salt and pepper in the 5 hr energy containers
what a great idea, many thanks
I told my husband I was saving the 50or so empty mio bottles for something! lol Thank you!
ooo I use the mio bottles for nail polish remover and baby oil
Great reuse! Cheers!
This is f'ing genious. I love you.
i love the idea of having extra caps to use as salt and pepper shaker from energy bottles, but what about small compact camping spatulas ? any ideas ?
You can't find Tabasco packets because it will eat through them. There is a reason Tabasco comes in little glass bottles.
Actually, you CAN find Tabasco packets. Just do a Google search, and you'll find them. Many places have them along with the other packets of ketchup, etc...
But would it eat through the plastic mio bottles? The cap of the tabasco bottle is plastic isn't it?
Mio bottles might be a newer plastic, but I suspect any bottle not specifically chosen to resist Tabasco is likely susceptible to it.
great idea !
That's great (And very simple!). I'd love to hear if other readers have suggestions for bottles to use to achieve the same thing. I would imagine that empty travel size plastic bottles you can often find at the drug store would also be a good solution.
Visine containers are close to the same size, although I'd definitely rinse them pretty well first!
Excellent job re-purposing something that would otherwise be discarded. Kudos.

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