Ultra-Lightweight Backpacking Spice Kit (only 1oz.)




I like to cook, and I like to hike, so naturally I like to cook while I hike. In order to make some interesting and tasty meals on the trail, I put together a small spice kit. I decided to make my own kit mainly because I could not find anything i liked available commercially. That and it was super easy and cheep to do.

Just as a side note, some of my favorite trail recipes are available at: trailcooking.com

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Step 1: Gather Materials

Here is a list of what you will need to make this kit:

1. 1 pack of m&m's minis
Not only is this a great container for the kit, but you get a snack while you make it.

2. 8 large straws
I like straws from Jack in the box, they are very durable and slightly larger than typical. You can use smaller straws and get more variety in your kit, or you could use bubble tea straws if you want a lot of something.

3. Scotch tape

4. White colored tape for labeling.
I used medical tape i had in my first-aid kit. If you have a label maker that would be great too.

Step 2: Mark & Cut the Straws

1. Unwrap and mark all of the straws as shown in the following picture
2. Cut on the marks.

You should end up with the following:
  • 1x 4.5" piece
  • 1x 0.5" piece
  • 1x 1.0" piece

the last piece can be discarded

Step 3: Assemble the Packets

To assemble the packets:

1. Fold back a 1/4" at the end of the longest piece
2. Pinch this section and fully insert it in to the 1" piece of cut straw. (this will be the lid of the packet)

3. Repeat steps 1&2 on the other end, and use the 0.5" piece of cut straw.
4. Tape the end with the short piece of straw in place. (this will be the bottom of the packet)

Step 4: Pick Spices, Fill and Lable Packets

The spices I chose for my kit are these:
  • Lemon Pepper (excellent for fish if happen to be hiking near a lake or river)
  • Cajun Spice Blend
  • Ground Cumin
  • Onion Powder
  • Salt
  • Black Pepper
  • Cayenne Pepper

Once you have picked your spices, fill and label your packets and you are done. My kit came out to exactly 1oz, and I would guess this would be pretty typical.
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3 years ago

My Wife does a lot of Crafts and uses Glitter, so I found a 12 pack of small Glitter Shakers at Walmart for $5.97 they have an attached top, and inside a Built in 5 hole shaker, 3 large holes and 2 small, it's a perfect Spice container, I use a small CD/DVD zippered case,to carry them in, they usually have pockets to hold them and I also use Velcro to add more holders and you can also Sew more in to hold them, I use this for longer trips and for my BOB, I use the Straws in the Altoid for 1 day and short trips.

1 reply

Reply 3 years ago

I like this idea; you can reuse them as you go. I do a lot of fishing; and use a lot of slip stops.. the containers they come in have a flip top that locks back down.. Those would work as well! Thanks for sharing!!


7 years ago on Introduction

I finally got around to making one of these, only I had too many spices in my cupboard and had to use an empty Altoids tin. I used a different method to close it though. I held the end in my pliers, and then melted the protruding end with a lighter. I then made a little sleeve to keep the tin from opening up in my pocket or backpack.

2 replies

Reply 4 years ago

I love aloud tins, but I take an old tire inertube and cut pieces of it off, the rubber is flexible and won't degrade from sun exposure, unlike a rubber band. "Ranger bands" is what they're called


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

That's a great idea too. I currently have an Altoids tin with some restaurant packets in it. This makes me want to add my own spices to it. I've been keeping my tin in a ziploc bag in my pack. Your sleeve idea is awesome too. Thanks for sharing!


4 years ago

awesome idea can't wait to do this


6 years ago on Introduction

Great Ible! Thanks! I've seen this done for a medicine cabinet kit too - sealing shorter straws like sour-cream packets. That could be modified for this application possibly too. (just keep it away from the spices! Hopefully the ointments wouldn't leak in the heat).

I could have a lot of fun with this one!


7 years ago on Step 4

Love it. I've used other containers but this is light and easy.


7 years ago on Step 4

Try slurpee straws, you can use the scoop end to pick up the spice and shake it to work in the spice. You can also use the McDonald's coffee stirrers to scoop in the spice for regular straws.


8 years ago on Introduction

another idea...craft funnel... usually for glitter, etc but should work just fine for spices! :0) http://www.simonsaysstamp.com/servlet/the-15935/Top-Boss-CRAFT-FUNNEL/Detail


8 years ago on Introduction

Wow that is a really cool idea. Thanks for sharing.


8 years ago on Introduction

Two thoughts, if you want to melt your straws, heat up something metal, possibly ridged, as opposed to direct heating.

Second, while not as long, camelbak elixir or other hydration tablet containers would be good for this as well, good to reuse these.


8 years ago on Step 4

As was stated earlier by the author, bubble tea straws will work well, they are a very large diameter straw, :)


8 years ago on Step 3

You don't have to heat up the pliers. just use a pair of needle nosed pliers and pinch all but about am 1/8" from end and use a lighter match to melt it. Make the original straw length long enough to snip off a little and reseal if needed after each use... lots of other applications to using straws for storage too


8 years ago on Introduction

airborne/walborne/air health has the same type of containers


8 years ago on Step 3

Wow! Thanks for the great idea! I can't wait to use it the nest time our Explorer Scouts go camping. Remeber to make sure you bring the straws home with you and don't leave them in the forest. Protect those little creatures of our environment. Very handy!


9 years ago on Step 4

I made like 10 of these wow only 10 ozs to fit my entire spicecloset