Picture of A Real  Redneck Candle Holder
That Wilmette guy (what is he, some French guy ? ) showed be his "Redneck" candle holder.
I made him put out a real one, if he ever wants his car to work again.
I talk, he types.; Mary Kay shoots pictures.
So here goes. The real redneck version.
Just for lagniappe, I'll also throw in an "advanced " version and an even simpler version for the folks in Chicago.

Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
Damp Sand -- every time
Mason Jar - Jar every time. 
Size depends on how much sand you have and how big your candle is.
And what you have around. 
Also, you may want some decorations

Sometimes you might want a ring and lid to fit the jar
And something to cut the lid. 
These last things are for the "advanced redneck"  version

Very nice, it certainly does exactly what it is supposed to :) You should enter this into the Holiday Gifts Contest!
I begin to doubt your redneck credentials when you fail to include the humble 12 gauge as a method for making your hole.
Wilmette (author)  titchtheclown2 years ago
The shell of a 12 gauge has a diameter of 0.729 inches. The diameter of a typical taper is about 0.76 inches., so a shell isn't big enough to use to make a whole. Unless it is fired. And that, of course is expensive and my wife said I can't do that in the house anymore. After all, this isn't the outback.
Now I can't get the image of someone about to hammer a 12 guage shotgun shell through a jar lid out of my head.
Wilmette (author)  titchtheclown2 years ago
I have no doubt of your credentials, even if you doubt mine. Note, I do recornise that whole s/b hole. in my previous comment.
tareko2 years ago
Nice instructable. Thanks.
Step 8 - What if you have prime sand, cool jar but don't have a candle?
Wilmette (author)  tareko2 years ago
Also I have been told by knowledgeable informants that fatwood sometimes serves as a candle substitute. That would be ultra redneck and the height of fashion in those select circles.
Wilmette (author)  tareko2 years ago
There are a couple of actions. Go to a church and pray for a candle and act as the spirit moves you or not Make a candle with tallow from livestock. Preferably your own. Perhaps fat from some game would work. Consult local sources. Raid a beehive for wax. As regards wicks you may notice that many people are not paying close attention to their shoelaces and some may regard that fact as implicit permission to let you make use of them.
canucksgirl2 years ago
Definitely a Redneck project. :-)