Step 3: Leg Hardware

Picture of Leg Hardware
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Now install the leg hardware. Put in the socket/anchor, and put a small nail through the hole so it doesn't turn. It should fit snugly, and the nail isn't really necessary. Then put the knob through the washer and feed it through the opposite side into the socket. Repeat for the other pair, and you should now have two working joints.

Finding the Hardware

The black knobs + screws that I used are very hard to find.  Most places do not have these.  Big chain hardware stores (lowes/home depot) carry similar 3-prong triangle knobs with screws attached, but the screws are usually not very long.  For alternatives, the easiest thing to find would be a normal bolt and a wingnut.  Instead of turning the knob/screw into the T nut, you turn the wingnut on the stationary bolt.  Same effect, different parts.

Those stores also have wingnut/bolt combos - basically a bolt with a wingnut on the end.  If you can find one long enough, these are probably the best alternative.

Optional jackfishjoe checker mod:
Thanks to an idea by Strapped-4-Cache , which was tested out by jackfishjoe , we have a great mod for the joints. Normally the joints are held in place by the friction of the wood, and the pressure of the bolts holding the wood together. This requires a lot of pressure and can be a pain sometimes. A better way to do this is to insert plastic checkers pieces so the "teeth" grab each other and prevent movement.
-drill a hold through the center of 4 checkers
-carve a circular impression/hollow in each leg for the checkers to be inset slightly. This will be on the sides facing each other, so the knob goes through each checker.
-assemble the legs like so: knob - washer - wood - checker - checker - wood - socket.

The checkers should face each other and lock into place via the teeth, and when assembled you shouldn't really be able to notice the checkers. This will allow you to use less pressure to lock the feet in place, and avoid cracking the wood (or having the platform slump down and accidentally drop you laptop).
neo716651 year ago

A rubber washer made from an inner tube would work instead of a checker and be thinner.

lupin0194 years ago
it looks great. where did you buy knob with attached screw/bolts and and socket anchors? thanks
berci5 years ago
Can you make a photo with this checkers? My english is not the best, i can't understand what are this magic checkers with teeth :D
jumpfroggy (author)  berci5 years ago
Sorry berci, I haven't made this with checkers so I don't have any pics to share.  Browse the comments here - a lot of people have posted their pics of what they've done.  Maybe someone else will post pics of theirs.
surfreak6 years ago
BANK! The checkers are a bomber idea. I was just thinking about making a stand for bed when I ran across your instructable. Should be posting my variation on this stand shortly.