Picture of ACME Bomb
This is how to make a quick and cheep ACME bomb.  Its not perfect, but it looks fine from the audience.
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Step 1: Materials List


1 Rubber balloon.  Any size will work.
2 Cuts of string about 1 foot long
Lots of newspaper
1 Bottle of wood glue
A water source
Black spray paint
A Powerade cap
A box opener knife
A hot glue gun with 1 stick of hot glue
Armature wire (Optional) 
Sand paper (Optional)

Step 2: Step 1 - Inflating the Balloon

Picture of Step 1 - Inflating the Balloon
Take your balloon and inflate it to a rounded shape and tie off.  Use one of your strings to hang your balloon somewhere above the ground. 

Step 3: Step 2 - Beginning To Paper Mache Balloon

Picture of Step 2 - Beginning To Paper Mache Balloon
Rip up long strips of the newspapers.  You will need a lot of them.  Afterwards, mix a wood-glue, water solution of 1 to 1.

Step 4: Step 3 - Paper Macheing The Balloon

Picture of Step 3 - Paper Macheing The Balloon
Alright, I'm sure that whoever is reading this has paper machaed, so you will know what to do, but in the event that you haven't ever paper machaed, than well.  Its pretty simple.  First, dip a strip of newspaper into the wood-glue and cover it entirely.  Then, place it on the balloon.  Do your best not to wrinkle the newspaper as putting it on the balloon.  (We did a bad job at that part)

Step 5: Step 4 - Continuing Step 3

Picture of Step 4 - Continuing Step 3
Just continue to coat the balloon in paper mache strips.  Make sure the balloon completely dries between coats.  4-5 layers of newspaper are optimal.  Let the newspaper COMPLETELY dry before continuing to step 5.
peking2 years ago
Why would you want to smooth it? Slight bumpyness gives it a retro look. Rocky the Flying Squirrel look even. Through in some brassy bits and it's steampunk. Some red and gold bits and it's pirate. Smooth, try to put a window shiny graphic on it and it is Mad Magazine Spy verses Spy. Many more. Like this one just as it is too. Cartoon Door stop.