Picture of ACME Bomb
This is how to make a quick and cheep ACME bomb.  Its not perfect, but it looks fine from the audience.

Step 1: Materials List


1 Rubber balloon.  Any size will work.
2 Cuts of string about 1 foot long
Lots of newspaper
1 Bottle of wood glue
A water source
Black spray paint
A Powerade cap
A box opener knife
A hot glue gun with 1 stick of hot glue
Armature wire (Optional) 
Sand paper (Optional)
peking2 years ago
Why would you want to smooth it? Slight bumpyness gives it a retro look. Rocky the Flying Squirrel look even. Through in some brassy bits and it's steampunk. Some red and gold bits and it's pirate. Smooth, try to put a window shiny graphic on it and it is Mad Magazine Spy verses Spy. Many more. Like this one just as it is too. Cartoon Door stop.