This is my NEWEST Seat Design that plugs right into a stock Malibu Two!

This design will work perectly on both models of the Ocean Kayak, Inc. Malibu Two - original and XL, and can be modified to fit a wide variety of other models. The requisite is that there are scupper holes near the back of the seat pan area for the seat fixture to rest in.

This seat adaption is designed to provide the upper trunk support that, for instance, an incomplete quad, would need to keep his or her body centered over the kayak, thereby greatly reducing the possibility of a capsize. Paddlers with many levels of physical ability have found great comfort in using this design. You will see it being utilized in many of the photos on my web site.




A  2 EA     6.0 CM
B  2 EA     5.5 CM
C  2 EA    15.0 CM
D  2 EA    12.0 CM
E  2 EA    16.0 CM
F  2 EA     23.0 CM
G  2 EA     9.0 CM
H  2 EA     9.0 CM
I   2 EA      6.0 CM
J  1 EA    44.0 CM
K  1 EA    40.0 CM

Referring to the first photo attached to this step...
These latest dimensions remove the gap at B and lower the height 1 inch.
H will appear ~3/4 inch longer than shown to compensate for shorter B and E.


4 EA   90 Degree Elbows
6 EA   45 Degree Elbows
6 EA   T Fittings
2 EA   Couplers - Use the long ones if you can find them!
I'll add a few late notes here as a comment: <br> <br>After assembling the fixture, use first a rough file then smoother file to remove any burrs or pointy features sometimes found on the PVC Joint pieces. It is very important to not cause any type of abrasive injuries to your paddlers! <br> <br>And finally, this fixture looks greeat if you spray paint it with fast drying (Krylon) paint. I like to use various colors of &quot;hammered metal&quot; paint to make it hard to tell it is made out of PVC pipe.
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